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    Finally in my 14 months of going to ER's ( 15 times ) and telling them how bad I felt ( at times like I could die, and I did faint twice )

    I was admitted to our mental health wing of our hospital where the interviewing psych nurse in the ER said that by volunteering myself to be committed to the mental health ward that this was the only way I could get into the hospital to be physically evaluated too. ( isn't that a sad statement about getting physical health treatment? )

    She asked me several times if I felt like harming myself and others and I said no 3 times, and meant it. But she said even if I wondered about it this could do and she could write this down.

    I said I had wondered about it during all this time, hasn't everybody, expecially someone who has been under 14 months of physical torture? She agreed but winked saying something like, sometimes we have to say certain things to get admitted.

    Anyway, they were nice to me there. They interviewed me three times, the final time by the head doctor and another lady.

    I was hoping they would get into my physical complaints as the first lady said she believed me about these diagnosed, never-before-experienced ailments all occuring in the last 14 months. In fact she thought they would really start double checking many of these physical ailments to see if they have gotten worse than 14 months ago.

    But really they didn't. No X-rays, MRI's, etc.

    The only physical thing they did was of course the standard ER blood, urine, heart monitor and an EKG. All normal there. In the psyche ward they came in the second day to take blood for B-12 and folate levels.

    The first day I went to the hospital I had been crying earlier in the day, but once I got to the hospital I was calm. And I walked around with as much energy as normal which isn't great but at least not shuffling.

    Then last night at 9:30 PM as I went to bed, a nurse came in with a little cup and 4 pills in it and water. (They stand and watch you to make sure you take these) which I did.

    I wasn't sure what this medicine was or in what quantity but the night before they gave me a small dose of Klonopin and I slept like a baby.

    But this second night I took these and eventually I went to sleep.

    I think it was about 7:30 AM when I was awakened by someone shaking my arm. I was so groggy I couldn't respond. The nurse said she wanted to draw my blood for the B-12 reading.

    I tried to talk but my lips felt all twisted and full. My throat was so dry all that came out was a raspy "wooo thwooo Thwwaaat, Waaath, thwaaatt thwoooing."

    And I was so in and out I don't remember the actual blood draw. Also, my middle back right below my rib cage on both sides was hurting so bad I couldn't move. The nurse just took my arm and swung it out flat next to her to take my blood. As soon as she finished ( or maybe even before ) I was out again. But that back pain...kicked by a horse, believe me. I was moaning.

    I would occassionaly come to with the hallway noise and I tried calling out ( thweeellp ) because the pain in my back was so bad. I do not know how long I laid there.

    Eventually the head doc came in and I told him about my pain as best I could with my twisted lip sounds.

    He said I had to leave the hospital because my insurance wouldn't pay any more than two nights at about $3,000 a night. I would have to go 60 to 75 miles away to San Jose California if I wanted more care.

    I didn't respond but in my fuzziness I wondered what he was telling me. Because I was in worse shape than when I came in!

    After the big doc left I slowly propped myself up on the side of the bed and soon shuffled to the bathroom to do my duty.

    I hung on to walls as I went back to the bed and gathered my stuff and got dressed.

    I then shuffled to the main nurses station ( little tiny shuffles and holding on to walls. ) I pictured myself in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. )

    I had walked in to this mental health ward normal looking and walking but obviously depressed, with earlier crying and in lots of my ( main complaint )long term physical pain, and now I was walking out looking just like those shuffling, clothes messed up, blank staring mental patient people. I couldn't believe it.

    The head doctor saw me just as I was leaving the ward and asked me to come in his office. I had just signed my release papers at the nurses station so I wondered what he wanted to tell me.

    He said, " well, it looks like we gave you too much Seroquel" "You didn't handle this well."

    ( I thought to myself "don't forget your Seroquel came with a valium "kicker" either blue or yellow, can't remember which. )

    He said " we won't be giving you Seroquel anymore.. You are going to stop that right now." "Not like that Levaquin they had you keep taking when you first got sick."

    I was still so disheveled, half awake, zombie like and fog brained so I just stood there. I couldn't think of any questions except thanks for letting me stay there for 2 nights. I shook his hand and shuffled away.

    I got my personal belongs out of a locker and inch by inch shuffled down many corridors trying to find my way out to where my wife was parked. My jacket was disheveled, everything was wrinkled, my shirt tail hung out the back of my pants. I hadn't shaved or showered. My hair stood up all over. My eyes were half closed. I was a mess.

    I then had to go to the cashier to get my two dollars and wallet and bank check book. This took 15 minutes as the security people never showed up.

    But soon after I came home. I ate something and laid down on our couch about 1 to 2? I had posted on here earlier ( I think ), I just can't remember exact time.

    But I went out so hard that normally I help my wife bring in the groceries after she gets off work at about 6:00 PM, but she said I was completely oblivious to her opening the door 3 feet away. I was out.

    Maybe 30 minutes later I awoke.

    It has been over 22 hours since this Seroquel and I can hardly walk.

    I called the mental health facility that had treated me and told them what condition I was in and asked if this were normal. They said If I wasn't comatose or throwing up or in some other crisis they didn't see anything wrong.

    I asked this nurse if she could pull up my chart and tell me how much of this Seroqel I was given along with this Valium. She did and said it was 300 MG's.

    Now remember, this is the first time I had ever been prescribed this drug. The head doc in ER who prescribed this Seroquel-Valium cocktail said he was speculating I was "borderline" bi-polar which is why he wanted me to try this new med. He said of the 15 levels of bi-polar that if I had this he thought it might be right at the first level.

    Tonight, at home, I called our local pharmacist after I called the mental health ward and asked him if he knew about Seroquel and he did indeed. I asked him about dosage.

    He asked how much and I said 300 mg's with a Valiuum kicker.

    He said "wow, that's a heavy dose. He said that he has heard of starting people out on as little as 25 mg's.of Seroqul. He said it sounded very high for a first time taker and that valium would just enhance this.

    All I know is when I shuffled out of that mental health ward I truly looked like a mental patient where as went I went in I looked and walked normal.

    And I truly felt like I had been kicked by a horse in my back all morning, and it took many hours for my lips to get control back so I could talk.

    And right now still, I feel like I could just lay down, knock out and sleep another 24 hours.

    I still walk very weakly, I "am" so weak, and I am irritable and feeling so depressed and tired.

    Yes, much worse than before I went in.

    Any thoughts on the Seroquel? Too high of a dose ? Should valium have been included in this cocktail?

    Shouldn't I have been kept one more night to see if this would resolve rather than being kicked out before 12 noon today considering how body and mind effected I was? Lips swollen and tongue tied, back pain and so weak all I could do was shuffle?

    I mean the doctor himself said " bad reaction, we'll never give you this again."

    Oh, and now it's on my hospital record that I was treated for "bi-polar" issues, when even the doc said he specualted that I "may" be right at the borderline of this.

    But tell anyone this in the future and I bet they'll say to themselves, " Yeah, right...borderline." Unfortunately, this is now in my medical records.

    Personally I think I should have just been given the valium to sleep.

    Any thoughts? JB
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    for bipolar. My dose is 200mg and I take it at night. It knocks me out. I too went in to the psyche ward and got no where as far as physical pain. I didn't need to go but the dr at the ER thought it a good idea. I am also on Cymbalta which is suppose to help the pain and the depression. I don't think it is helping very much. If you are borderline, I would find a psychiatrist and see what they think. I know a few people who have been misdiagnosed.

    Hope you find and end in sight.

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