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  1. purplerose2773

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    Painful Sex??
    Hi, this is somewhat embarressing, but i have to ask. Does anyone have painful sex?? I have had this for years, but was just dx with fms. Could this be from fms? I have noticed msgs that talk about pain after, but how about during?
    My husband is very supportive, i am very lucky there. He never complains that i do not want to have sex, but will sometimes take care of him. I know he wants children and so do I but you need to have sex to have them.
    Ok, was just wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if anyone has any ideas to help me. It is devastating to me.
    Thank you
  2. averilpam

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    I asked a question about this recently in a thread about sex. No one responded with similar problems. Mainly it was about finding it hard due to body pain and fatigue.

    I had sex for the first time since getting fm symptoms, and it was very painful. The next time was a little less so, but still not fun!

    I have read somewhere that it can be a symptom. I don't know the answer I'm afraid. AT the moment I'm not having sex any more so I don't know if it would get any better or not.


    ps obviously you want to sort out the pain problem, but as to having children you can inseminate yourself using a large syringe (w/out needle obviously!!) or baster.[This Message was Edited on 08/06/2003]
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    talked to your gynecologist? They very well may not have any answers either, but maybe they could point you in the right direction. Though I have to admit it's possible the only help you'd get there would be different positions, which I'll assume you've tried anyway. (I know nothing about sex therapy and don't know if they have treated this before, but it is possible they have and if not, maybe it's time they started....)

    I hope you guys find some good answers!
  4. nellie1953

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    I am usually in too much pain to even think about sex thankfuly I have a great husband who understands how I feel.
  5. Susan07

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    Please do a search, there was a very good thread on this with many helpful suggestions not too long ago.
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    I had endometriosis at the time though. I've had a hysterectomy since. You really should see a doctor.
    Take Care!
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    to see a therapist. She said that it was extremely important and too hard for most people to figure out on their own. We have not yet, but school is starting and I am going to look into it. I often feel very achy after sex and it definitely irritates my back. That does not include the painful intercourse either. Yes, it is a problem.

    Lynda B.
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  8. purplerose2773

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    Is that a name for painful sex?
    when i saw my gyn last, which was 5 yrs ago (bad i know), i had a problem even getting a pap, he told me i should see a therapist. He believed it to be in my head, he said i look fine. He said its because i cant relax. What i didnt tell you was i was abused physically for almost 5 yrs from my ex-bf. But when i think back, sex was never a pleasent thing for me, even before him. Hence the reason i dont completely believe its all mental.
    What is vulvadynia? or do you think it could be more mentally an issue? Thank you all for your responses, i will def do some research on this. :)