question about spot under arn

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  1. vnr27

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    its a spot that i pressed on kinda conacted to underarm to arm i pressed on it and it brings on the arm pain is that a tender point alsc what is tmj exacty?
  2. Mtnflower

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    I can't answer the question about the spot under your arm but I can explain TMJ.

    It is a disease or diorder that causes pain and dysfunction of the jaw joint. Mine was caused by my jaw joint deteriorating (osteo)and the loss of some jaw teeth.
    There are several treatments for it from a night splint to surgery in severe cases. Mine was handled finally by the removal of the rest of my teeth and dentures being used to hold the joints into place. I can only take my dentures out to clean them,any longer and my jaw joints start hurting.
    An oral surgeon treated mine.Don't put off seeking treatment. The sooner they treat it the less pain you will experience.

    good luck!
  3. vnr27

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    ehen i touch the part of face where u feel jaw opening and closing it clicks and cracks i hear the noise in my head also hurts to touch thanks feel like a dummy. val
  4. Jen F

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    I had a TMJ problem for about 3 years, but it went away on it's own, thank goodness. My jaw would click when I opened or closed it, and sometimes I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to eat a short sandwich.

    Chiropractors can help work on it, as can massage, it doesn't necessarily require surgery. Also, tell your dentist about it next time you go.

    I am just recovering from a neck/arm injury. It is debatable whether it originates from a disk or a nerve root in my neck, or is a brachial plexus injury.

    The BRACHIAL PLEXUS is [now forgive me here if I don't get it quite right] a bunch of nerves passing through the muscles in the neck and into the arm.

    I have had pain and numbness going down my arm into my hand. This numbness can be created by squeezing on the muscles/nerves in my neck or shoulder/armpit.

    So, perhaps you are pressing on an area connected to the brachial plexus. Or maybe it IS a tender point. If you press on it, slowly and gently at first and then slowly increase the pressure and hold, do you feel a little relief of the pain after, and a bit of a reduction in the tightness of the point?

    If so, then maybe massaging it or doing trigger point therapy on it will be helpful. You can also massage your jaw joint gently.

    If you are grinding your jaw/teeth at night, a mouth guard may help.

    How does gentle stretching of your neck and back affect you?

    ARe you able to bend forward from the waist with your arms folded, [your hands holding opposite elbows] and let the weight of your body and head gently stretch your neck and back??

    If you can do that and don't get dizzy, might be relieving to stretch like that for 15 seconds at first, and working up to at least 2 minutes eventually. But, don't do it if you feel it hurts too much or makes you worse.

    Good luck and let us know how you do.

    Jen F