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    Hey Everyone!!!

    I started a "new regimen" of several new supplements, and wondered what y'all think about scheduling.... I'll explain after I give you the list.....

    My meds are:
    Wellbutrin 150 mg: antidepressant that helps relieve my anxiety and to help me quit smoking. Twice daily (this is the recommended dose.... it's NOT Wellbutrin XL)
    Baclofen 10 mg: muscle relaxer to help with muscle tension and tension headaches. Twice daily
    Butalbital/Apap/Caffeine-Plus (mg not shown): Supposedly this is a "Souped up" version of Excedrin. For tension headaches. Once daily
    Provigil 200 mg: stimulant to help with daytime drowsiness. I take 1-2 daily, WHEN NEEDED (sometimes I don't take them). Once daily, when needed.

    I take the Wellbutrin and Baclofen once when I wake up and again in the evening. I take the Butalbital, etc. pills once when I wake up. And WHEN I take the Provigil, it's when I wake up.

    My supplements: (all dosages are the recommended ones)

    Extra strength Acidophilus: 2 tablets with morning meds.

    Super L-Lysine 1000 mg: for fever blisters/oral herpes. One with morning meds.

    Vitamin C 500 mg: One with morning meds.

    Vitamin E 400 I.U.: 2 gelcaps with morning meds.

    Potassium 99 mg: One with evening meds.

    Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc (all-in-one); Calcium is 1000 mg, Mag. is 400 mg, Zinc is 15 mg: 3 tablets before bed, at least 2 hours after evening meds and supps.

    Now for my question: Does it look to you all like I am taking these like I should be? Is there any rearranging I should do with the times, etc. on any of them?



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    I didn't know that! Useful info!

    Bumping for more replies....


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