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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mscents, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I'm 36 years old and have had sun problems for a few summers but attributed it to other things. I also have arthritis, low grade fevers frequently, night sweats a few times a week ( which I attributed to pre menapause). Now I have a rash and it's strange because there have been three characterisitcs to it; raised and kind of look like little pustules, part of the rash is bigger in places and raised without pustules ( kind of looks like a really bad heat rash). For the most part the rash is on my arms, chest, stomach, back, and upper legs,and yesterday I had the rash across the brige of my nose onto my cheeks. For the last several years I've had problems getting in the sun like my face turning beet red and felt like it was burning after just 10-15 minutes of being outside. Also feel like I can't cool off once I get too hot. My urine has a really strong odor like it when when I went on a diet one time and entered ketosis, only I'm not on that diet anymore and definatley not in ketosis.
    Today a friend of mine told me to go to the Dr. with all the symptoms because it sounded like Lupus. What do you all think? The last thing I wanmt is to go into the Dr's office and have these people think I'm nuts. I've been reading horror stories about people's experiences. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Well, the rash across your nose and onto cheeks sounds like it *could* be a lupus rash, but the only way to tell for sure is to go to the doctor. It also sounded to me like it could be roseacea (spelling?). Either way, a trip to teh doctor sounds perfectly reasonable.

    So, my advice would be to see the doctor, find out what it is, and treat it.

    Take care, and welcome to the board!
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    One of my meds causes severe sun sensitivity. Of course my doc neglected to tell me this! I get a similar rash as you. Very red and parts raised and full of clear fluid. Mine itch like the devil. I had a bad case this summer that scarred my forearms badly.
    Strong odor in your urine may be a simple thing. Are you getting plenty of fluids? Drink at least 6 glasses of water or green tea for a week and see if the problem subsides.
    When you go to the doctor take a list of everything you have tried at home. List all meds, lifestyle changes, anything you can think of. Also chart your symptoms, when they began, hoe severe the rash gets, where it appears, etc.

    Docs are more likely to take a prepared patient seriously.
    Keep us posted on your condition,
  4. mscents

    mscents New Member

    No meds other than Benadryl shortly after the rash showed up.

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