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    Hi there;)
    My name is Laura and I am new to this board, but, unfortunatly, not new to FMS.....I have had it now for about 5 years, and I also suffer from terrible TMJ and Myofacial Pain Syndrome as well. I am 25 years old and I live in Michigan.
    I am posting today though, b/c I have a question for all of you about your experiences with Tempur-Pedic Pillows and also the Med-Flow (Medi-Flow?) water pillow. ;) I have been trying to find a comfortable and supportive pillow for months now and I recently bought the Medium sized, Tempur-Pedic Pillow and tried it out.......however, I found that my head/neck didn't feel properly supported....the pillow felt "flat", like my head/neck needed more support.....has anyone else felt like this while using the Tempur-Pedic pillow? I followed their guidelines, and since I am 5'5, I bought the medium sized one, but maybe the "large" sized one would offer more support?? They say if you want a thicker pillow you should buy the "large" size......anyone have any experience/advice about this? ;):):)
    Also, I was wondering about the Med-Flow pillow:) I have seen some of you talk about it on here, and I was wondering.......are you talking about the MEDI-FLOW pillow? I can't find any "Med-Flow" pillows online, just the "Medi-Flow" that the one? My neck/head/shoulders/back and my jaw is where most of my most intense MPS and FMS is, and I was wondering if alot of you found the water pillow to be the best;) Does that feel like it is supporting your neck enough? I have also seen a water pillow online somewhere that the water pouch is located down on the bottom of the pillow, underneath your neck, as opposed to all underneath the entire pillow........does anyone know the name of that one or have any experience with that pillow? ;) I just want a soft, comfortable, supportive pillow for a side/back sleeper! lol;);)
    Thank you all for reading this and for anyone who is able to help me or reply;):);) God Bless! *gentle hugs* ;)


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    Actually, I still use a down pillow, but I tried out my husband's tempurpedic pillow and I thought it was pretty good. I just don't want to fork out $100 for one of my own! We also have a tempurpedic bed, which was AWFUL for the first week, but it's much better now. Did you sleep on your pillow long enough to break it in properly? From what I understand, the stuff takes about two weeks to really start acting the way it's supposed to. I have a less expensive therapeutic pillow which I have used and liked. Actually, I've been thinking of getting it out and using it again. I got it through my chiropracter and can't remember what brand it is, but it was around $40. It provides firm support under the neck and is great if you always sleep on your back. But if you roll over onto your side it's awful. The tempurpedic pillow is supposed to remold itself to your head when you change positions, which would be an advantage. Anyway, could it be that like the rest of us you are too much of an air-head to weigh the pillow down enough to support your neck? ;D
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    Hi. I have had my temper-pedic pillow for about 3 years and it is still like new. They are pricey but they last way longer than cheaper imitations. You would have to buy 3 cheaper ones to last as long 1 temper-pedic pillow so really they are not that expensive when you look at it realistically. The first one I bought was a medium and it didn`t fit my neck right so I bought the bigger one which is perfect. My wife who doesn`t have Fibro uses the medium one and loves it.After getting used to the pillow, my neck feels alot better in the morning. I can`t sleep without it and if we go away on a trip I take it along.
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    To Penner2:
    Hi there;) May I ask how tall you are? And why the medium sized pillow didn't feel like it fit your neck right? Did it feel like there wasn't enough "pillow" under your head/neck for comfort? b/c that is how the medium size feels to me......and I'm 5'5 tall, so I thought the medium would be fine........what size do you have again? Large??? I wonder if the pillow just needs "breaking in" but I dont think that its going to magically "add pillow" to it after its done breaking in, do you? ;)lol;).....

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    Hi Laura,
    I like the Buckwheat Hull Pillows. My husband and I both use them. They give full support to your head and neck. They can be bought on line also. Just type into your search engine the name and you'll get several sites to buy one. I love mine and have used it for many years. You can make it just right height under your head and neck !
    Hugs Shirley
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    I have enjoyed following this thread. I have looked at those pillows you've been talking about and can't afford one. But, for the future---maybe I will end up with one. Good to know about it. But, now I use down feather pillows. I even have allergies and they don't bother me. I have 3 (NOT pricey ones) and I love them. I also wondered about those buckwheat pillows, so thanks to the person who wrote about that.
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    I am 5' 8" and the pillow that I had didn`t feel like it was thick enough under my head. I still have the box that my new pillow came in and it says EXTRA THICK PILLOW- recommended for 5,10" and over but for me feels perfect. The box doesn`t say whether it is medium or large it just says EXTRA THICK PILLOW.It is the same length as the medium though only thicker. Also I bought my pillows at BROOKSTONE STORE.
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