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  1. dhcpolwnk

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    I'm still considering getting a TENS unit, but I've only tried it twice at PT, once with the setting for acupressure (I guess that's the low-frequency, pulse setting), and once at what I guess is the more usual high-frequency setting. I'm not really sure whether or not it helped, but I can see where it might help if I had a chance to experiment with the settings and placement of the pads.

    To those of you who have TENS units, did you find it worked for you from the biginning, or did you have to experiment a little?

    What settings ultimately worked for you?

    The unit I used had pads with adhesive, so that you didn't need any gel. The pads can be used 10 times, according to the PT. If you have used a unit like that, how much did replacement pads cost?

    I'd really appreciate any information you can offer. Thanks in advance.

    --Laura R.M.

  2. momkatmax

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    I had a mixed result with TENS. I was able to buy one on ebay and didn't have to pay much. With advise from a PT tried all kinds of settings and had some relief. BUT there was a limit to where I could put it, there are so many tender/painful areas!
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    Hi Laura,

    I got a TENS unit when I was undergoing PT for my carpal tunnel. Now I use it anywhere I am hurting.I love mine and it does give me relief.

    I got replacement pads from my chiropractor for $8.00 for four of them. Not bad, I thought.

    I have TMJ also and would love to be able to use it on my jaws, but that's not possible. The instructions say not to use them on your head or neck.

    It's great for the shoulders, knees,lower back, wrists, feet, most any other place that the fibo flares up.

    With a script from my doctor, my insurance company paid for mine. You may want to check into that.

  4. kar1953

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    I also have a TENS unit. I used to use it very often & it did give me alot of relief. Don't need it much anymore, but would never get rid of it.

    As far as the electrodes go, I found that if you make sure your skin is really clean before you put them on, you can use them much more than 10 times. I also found that when they start to not stick, you can wet your finger & kinda wash them off, let them dry & they are really sticky again.

    I got 2 sets with my unit & am still using the 2nd. set. I didn't know what they cost to replace, but was glad to see in an answer to you that someone got a set for $8. That's really reasonable, I think.

    Hope you get some relief if you decide to try one. BTW, I noticed the pain start to decrease after a couple of sessions with it.

    Take care.........Kathi
  5. Lynda B.

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    It helps with certain kinds of pain but not others. If I have pain that is limited to a certain area it is helpful. If I have that all over, achy, unhappy joint feeling, it does not help.

    It is also great as a diagnostic tool. Sometimes I am feeling pain in one area. Then I use the tens unit and see that the pain is originating from somewhere else and is being referred. In addition, I would put a pad somewhere and have a big reaction there even though I did not know that muscle was unhappy.

    It helps me figure out which where my headache is coming from. I tender place on my shoulder, down my back or whatever.

    And finally, one has to experiment with the tens unit. One more thing. The people who sell me mine told me that putting the pad in the fridge helps them as far as being able to be of use longer. You will find various sizes work better for you in certain places. I think the pads were fairly priced though I orded mine from an 800 number and they were deliever to my doorstep.

    Lynda B.
  6. Jen F

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    Someone gave me the TENS unit I have and didn't mention I need to change the pads...thanks for the heads up.

    I've been dipping the pad and electrode that are stuck together into a glass of warm water for 10 seconds. Hydrates the gel and makes them somewhat sticky again, but it's not an exact art...

    perhaps it would work better if I use new pads... hmm..