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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by piebear, Apr 30, 2006.

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    How long does it take to see the effects of the shake? I have been drinking it every day for about a week and a half but haven't noticed any changes in my sleep, irritability or depression.
    I also drink it around 11ish during the week and noonish on weekends. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.
    I pretty much follow the orginal ingredients too although I only put in a tsp of molasses right now. And I do half an apple and a handful of blackberries for the fruit.

    Also I just started taking B-complex and the fibro multi vitamin, both from the store here. How do you long do you think before I see results? Granted I have more I plan to take but I thought I'd see a little difference in my health. I've been taking them both for almost a week. I'm just trying to get an idea of how long supplements take in general to kick in so to speak.


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    I think it effects everyone differently....
    For me it has been a slow and continuous process... i have been doing the shake now for about 3 months... but, i think it's going to take some time to rebuild my system from a cellular level.

    I am like you, and take my shake about the same time of day (i'm a night owl... always have been, probably always will be!... i just like the night time!!)

    It's only been here recently that i personally have felt more sleepy and have felt the desire to follow some what of a regular sleep schedule.

    I've also noticed i've been less irritable lately.... just recently i made a long distance trip to see family and it didn't send me into a major flare!!! WOW!! ... and i have some rather irritating siblings! LOL

    My pain even seems a little more manageable than it was before i started the shake.... i'm not sure if thats from the shake itself, or if i'm learning how to deal with my triggers and react timely.... or perhaps a little of both!?!?!

    My only suggestion would be to use a whole apple and up your molasses to at least a TBS if not 2 if you can!

    Be patient with the shake and your body... our illnesses did not just happen over night, nor will it disappear over night.... changes may be very subtial, and you may not even notice them happening. It's really just been this past month for me that i've started to notice the difference!

    Hang in there!
  3. piebear

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    Thanks so much for the tips! I'll continue with it. I had a feeling it would take time. But I figure even if its not immediately working its still good for me. And yea the differences could be very slight. I guess I get so impatient sometimes. lol
    And yea I'm a total night owl too. I just function better at night for some reason, go figure.
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    bumping for some more replies..
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    Thanks everyone!

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