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    I went to my GP today for the annual womans tests and they decided to do some blood work. I always have "fun" with these since my veins run away and hide at the site of a needle but today they had a hard time even getting the blood to flow! After they found a vein(thank God) the blood was so slow,dark red and really thick. I felt like an old car with sludgy oil. I am just wondering if fibro has anything to do with this new development or am I just getting too tight in my old age to even part with blood??

    I also informed them that I had been diagnosed with fibro in November of last year and asked if they treated people with this disease. Ya shoulda seen the look that I got---like I was an alien or something! I figured from the silence that followed that they just think I'm an hypocondriact(spelling?).

    Even with fibromyalgia day and other information about the disease why are some docs so clueless?? Thank God for my pain doc who doesn't look at me like I am crazy.

    Thanks for any help that you can offer on the blood issue.

    Laugh when you can!!! :) lynnkat
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    Just bumped up the article jelly`s mentioned

    Love Pat
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    Thanks for being kind and showing me the way on this blood issue. Also want to thank jellybelly and pat for not yelling at me about finding the info on my own. I'm not very computer literate but now I understand how to put "key" words into the search box to find posts on all kinds of subjects.

    Also---thanks jellybelly for all your hard work on getting people to recognise this nasty disease. Hope that the medical profession comes to see fibro as it really is---a pain in the butt among other places.

    Thanks again--lynnkat