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    I was thumbing thru the July 03 issue of Prevention Magazine when the article "thyroid alert" caught my eye. The article talked about new guidelines that were issued last year pertaining to the "normal range".

    According the the article the new normal range is more narrow--0.3mU/L to 3.0mU/L. Has anyone read anything on this subject?

    My last bloodwork showed my TSH at 3.94 which according to the standards that they use here in my neck of the woods is considered "normal".

    I have high blood pressure and very high cholesterol and am wondering if this might have something to do with these problems.

    Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

    Be well. :) lynnkat
  2. lynnkat

    lynnkat New Member

    Just went back through the "old" posts about thyroid and the TSH numbers but would still appreciate any input from people with the same kind of problems.

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    Yes, your number is too high, and yes those problems can be caused or aggravated by hypothyroid.
    My TSH was 3.29 when I was put on Armour Thyroid and I got a dramatic increase in energy right away.
    Please see my post about an excellent book on exactly this subject. The interaction between hormones is complicated, and you need to evaluate all of them, not just the one, before treating.
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    Saw your post and appreciate the input. I will see if I can find a copy of the book so I will have lots of knowledge when I see my pain doc in July.

    My regular doc said that the TSH was within the "normal" range and that I would just have to lower my cholesterol with diet, exercise and a new drug, zetia.

    The last doc I went to had me take statin drugs which really messed me up but he said it was all in my head and I could either take the drugs or die!! How do you like that bedside manner??

    Thanks again, lynnkat
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    Hi, Lynnkat,
    I'm pretty new here, lurking only, but I do have hypothyroidism (as well as FM & IBS) and know a little about TSH tests. Yours is too high. MOST people don't feel well if their TSH goes above 2. I only hope that the new range is true and will find it's way to most docs. Your doctor should work with you to find a dosage of either T4 (Synthroid, Levoxyl, etc.) or T3 & T4 (Armour)that will get you in the lowest end of "normal", do a 6 week recheck of your TSH and adjust med as indicated. It's not risky as long as you increase your med at a slow rate and get tested.
    Doctors have got to get off of this "normal" range bunk, because what may be normal for one is devastating for the next.
    Hope you get this straightened out. Going for too long with too little T4 can have long term negative effects on your whole body.
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    It does sound like yours is a bit high. When I had my TSH tested it was 12.84. I am on armour thyoid now, but I still don't think I'm on the correct dosage yet. My blood pressure is always low. If I were you, I'd have it tested again soon.
    Take Care!
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    How much do you want to bet that the drug salesman from the company that makes Zetia treated your doctor and/or his staff to lunch recently?
    I have a very hip, young doctor, who still has no time to keep up with research. Her lab says any TSH up tp 5.5 is normal!!! That's why I go two cities away to a holistic doctor for this.
    Those cholesterol drugs are devastating to most of us with Fibro. Before you agree to take it, please go to the website of Dr. Joseph Mercola and read up on alternate opinions on cholesterol. You may be surprised at how little actual proof there is for this accepted belief (zero). Total cholesterol is meaningless. If your triglycerides are too high, you can fix that easily by going on a low carbohydrate diet. If your HDL is too low that is harder to fix, but a diet high in monounsaturated fats (like nuts), oatmeal, apples on a daily basis, and aerobic exercise will all help raise it. However, and I know this first hand, you can do everything right, and if your hormones are out of whack, your lipids will still be awful.
    Please stick up for yourself....I'm pullin for ya!
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    I don't think that you are anymore cynical than the rest of us when it comes to dealing with docs who just want to write a script for something to get us out of the office.

    My regular doc that I go to now started her own clinic because she didn't like how our hospital was treating patients and the docs themselves. At first there was time to talk about problems and I didn't feel rushed but now it is back to the same ole thing----run the patients in and out like cows at the sale barn!!

    Funny you should mention the lab standards cause that is the same number used here. If the numbers have been changed then why are the labs still using them????

    I tried two different statin drugs and my muscles hurt so bad that I could barely get out of a chair to make it to the bathroom. I told my "ex doc" that I thought the medicine was doing this and of course it was all in my head. He said "don't you want to be around for your golden years?" and I said that if this was living, feeling the way I did with those drugs then that wasn't living for me. He said that I was agitated on my med file!!! Boy did he have that wrong----I was irate and fed up with docs like him!!

    When I first found out about the high cholesterol and had to take the statin I read all the food labels for fat content and didn't eat all sorts of things and guess what---it really didn't help change the numbers at all. Then the doc said that it was genetic and all I could do was to take the statins. It just seems that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    Klutzo--just what kind of lunch do you suppose that salesman picked up the tab for??? Do you think it was low fat with a side order of zetia??? LOL

    Be well. :) lynnkat