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    Question for you veterans of fms/cfs. I was diagnosed this year w/both and went on guai right away, now for about 6 months. Have been mapped and told by doctor that I'm clearing. I now have pain in my legs, but I never had pain there before I went on treatment -- it was more in my neck and back and hands. I'm actually stopping the guai for a few days to see if I improve, because so far I'm really not having any good spells as I'm supposed to. After being off it two days, my ankles still are very sore. I'm beginning to wonder if it works.

    Now the questions...

    1) What kind of calcium supplement should I take, is any kind okay?

    2) I'm thinking of taking Immunepro, but I've read people say they get worse at first... why? If it helps your immune system, it seems like it should cause improvement only. If the guai makes you worse at first and the whey makes you worse at first, is there any danger of just overwhelming your body with the phosphates or whatever those little things are?

    3) Challenge for Mike, hope you don't mind. You say you're on guai over 1 year and fms is better but your fatigue is not. How could that be? If guai helps and fms is part of cfs, would both not get better at the same time?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    but wanted to let you know I took ImmunePro for about 2 months at the full 2 doses 2x a day and never felt worse. I plan to order more next week & do it for the full 6 months. Amy