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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mommyinpain, Oct 26, 2006.

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    I want to know how you can pinpoint a trigger point when the entire area that hurts it so sore and I mean all over.
    I thought at first this pain was in my liver area but had entire liver panel done and all blood tests came back good and I believe that if it was my liver something would have been out of range.

    Anyway, I can press on my stomach and liver area but there is no pain there but my ribs on the right side and the muscles up and down the right side of my spine and shoulder and even my arm are so sore.

    I can press on any part of my ribs or my back (right side) and the pain is horrible. It hurts so much. I just wonder if someone could tell me how to locate the trigger points when it hurt all over?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. MIP
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    I appreciate you answering me. I do worry now since it has hurt for almost 3 weeks that I do have inflammation in that area.

    I haven't been to the Dr this time but I'm considering going if I don't find some relieve soon. I just hate to take NSAIDS for inflammation because they hurt my stomach so bad.

    Anyway, thanks again. MIP
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    I went to the Dr yesterday. Couldn't take the pain anymore. He said that he believed the arthritis in my back was flaring up and causing this pain. He said he didn't know why the pain started in my ribs but he felt around on my back and ribs and said that my back muscles are extremely swollen and I was having back spasms so he gave me a shot.

    I can't remember what he called it but he said it was better than taking a medrol pack ( didn't have all the side effects). Said it was what people call an old time shot for arthritis but said it was really good and that I should feel alot better by Monday or I need to come back.

    He also put me on Zanaflex for muscle spasms; Lortab for extreme pain; and Volteran (sp.) for inflammation. I really hope this helps. It's so hard to concentrate on anything else when you hurt so bad constantly.

    Anyway, sorry to go on and thanks again. MIP

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