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    I just posted a comment about my iron levels, and mentioned that my white blood count is high -- 14.7, and i think that means it's a sign of some kind of infection??? I have no symptoms of having a cold or any other sickness (of course besides FM and anemic), so does anyone think that I should be tested for anything, such as Lyme, etc?? I've never been tested for Lyme, have just always taken my doctor's word that FM is my total problem. I just don't know what in the world to do anymore. The past month has been so exhausting and painful. So, if anyone thinks my white count isn't high because my iron level is so low, please give me some advice on what to go get checked for!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so helpless.
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    ...for an Igenex test for lyme, and also a CD-57 test (that's specific type of white blood cell that can help confirm a lyme diagnosis).

    Hope this is helpful?

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    loto, you need to have a full blood count done, it'll provide a lot of information including red & white blood cell information etc. Also have blood tests for thyroid function (to include TSH, T3, T4) and blood cholesterol (full spectrum), you'll need to fast for at least 12 hours before testing. Then carefully go over the results with your doctor.
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    blood count done. didn't do the cholesterol this time, but did do the cbc. Which, there are a lot of abnormalities at this time, which I'm wondering and suspecting is because of the low iron and high ferritin. the only thing my doctor's nurse said on the phone is that they called a scrip in for iron pills to the pharmacy, and I need to get rechecked in a month. When i go back to him, i'll ask for the lyme tests and anything else he wants to find out. I'm just so glad we caught this now, I hate to think what damage could've been done had my iron gotten lower. I'm assuming these tablets will bring it back up. Thank you for your response.
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    I will ask for this test to be done. I'm very anxious to find more answers to my seemingly never-ending problems. It's bad for people like us with our diagnoses to go through all these different problems, and be confused and lost as to what to request from our doctors! that's how I'm feeling at this time.
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    Now, I do want to say that I am not a medical, please, do keep that in mind.

    I read several places that said that high ferritin can indicate inflammation. And it is trickly to diagnose with low iron. But it did say to take iron and retest in one month the ferritin and the iron.

    Evidently renal (kidney) patients have this problem...NOT to say that you have kidney problems but that is one subset of patients this is seen in.

    It is very confusing as to what to ask, but think of it as a mystery that you have clues and you have to solve one at a time to find the answer.

    My son recently had a sinus infection. No, that isn't correct. He had one for 3 years but he was away at school and when he came home the pcp would dismiss it as seasonal allergies.
    It was NOT seasonal allergies. I took him to an ENT and he prescribed predisone, extremely strong antibiotic and an rx antihistine. He was really terribly sick. I doubt yours is sinus but I just wanted to stress that an infection can throw off the whole count. My son's was that way.

    If Lyme is causing this infection, I hope your pcp knows how to treat it. A lot of them don't. But I suppose you would know the next step would be to find a lyme literate doc.

    Have you asked your pcp what he/she thinks is causing your white count to be high?

    I feel very bad for you. These DD's are such a struggle.

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    I haven't asked the doctor yet about the high white count. I know I need to, and I wonder why he didn't have me come in to explain these results to me. I've been so overwhelmed at work and busy at home, and I'm thinking about it, but not doing anything to find out!!! My guess is maybe my doc is waiting to see what happens when i get the blood recheck. I haven't even had time to do any of my own research about all this so I know what to ask my doc when i do see him. UGH!!!!!! So many things to consider! It's never-ending. Anyway, thanks for doing the google!
    Take Care
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    A high white blood cell count generally is caused by an infection. Many other diseases can cause an elevation. Generally when your count is high, the next step would be to perform a differential. The result of this test could determine if this an acute or chronic infection vs another problem.