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    I was wondering if anyone on xyrem could tell me how long it took them to get to the right dosage. I have been on the lowest dost for two weeks and my dr. says that I need to stay on that amount for a month and then he may adjust the dose.

    I have not experienced any significant improvements on this low dose and was wondering what others might have experienced. My main problem is fatigue/cognitive difficulties. My sleep study results reflect no stage 3 or 4.

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    Welcome to this board. It's very helpful.

    It took me a couple of months to find the right dosage for me. The reason to start low and titrate up slowly is to minimize the possibility of unwelcome side effects.

    I know some doctors are very conservative, but usually that means they keep the dosage for 2 weeks before titrating up. I hope your doctor listens to you about needing to titrate up for good sleep.

    You can search for xyrem (above to the left) and find a lot of info on xyrem.
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    Thank you for the information about your experience. I have gone off the xyrem for a few weeks because of travel. I was feeling very tired on the low dose and did not want to jepardize my vacation. My dr. says that when I am back home, I can start on the next higher dose. Hope fully I can feel better on that next higher dose. Also, I have noticed some nervousness/anxiety on the dose that I have been on. Did you have any of these adverse symptoms at the onset?

    I am happy that xyrem is helping you. It is so encouraging to find something that makes you feel better and improves the quality of your life.