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    hi, if anyone knows the answer to this question please answer it for me? why do users have to wake up in the middle of night to take a second dose? couldn't one just take it once to fall asleep and then wake up 8 hrs later?

    my insomnia is driving me crazy!!! the ambien isn't working anymore due to a tolereance i have built up. so i am looking into other options. my problem is only falling asleep. once i do, i stay asleep for a long time, 8 - 12 hrs. i am also considering klonopin.


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    My understanding is because the medicine itself processes through the body in about 4 hours, making a second dose necessary.

    When I first started, actually setting an alarm to WAKE UP to take the second dose sounded so counterintuitive that it put me off the idea. But when it was working for me, the second dose really did help a lot. I didn't even end up sleeping a full 8 hours. I'd do about 7 to 7 1/2 and wake up ready to go all day. After I got used to it, I ended up waking up right about the time the second dose was due. And go right back to sleep. Hopefully.

    I don't take the second dose now because, for some weird reason, it bothers my stomach. But I do take 2.6 mg Ambien at the beginning of each night. I don't get quite as deep as I would w/2 doses of Xyrem, but it helps keep me asleep after the first dose wears off.
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    very interesting!

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