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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cressida, May 24, 2006.

  1. cressida

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    When I first started feeling terrible every day, I went to a naturopath and the first question she asked me was how many rounds of antibiotics had I taken in the last 10 years. Well as a matter of fact, I'd taken many rounds of antibiotics over that past 10 years. I continually had bronchitis and no sooner was I better from antibiotics, I'd developed it again. That was approximately 3 or 4 times a year.

    She said that I had Candida and also that my adrenal glands weren't functioning properly. She put me on the Candida protocol and diet, as well as gave me adrenal supplements. This seemed to work for a time, and I do have to say that I stopped getting bronchitis or any illness for that matter and pretty much have not been on antibiotics except only occasionally over the last 10 years.

    Shortly after seeing her, I started to develop what was eventually diagnosed as FM and have been in pain pretty much most of the time since.

    I often wonder if regular antibiotic use could be an initial cause of FM and wondered how many other people were on many rounds of antibiotics before becoming ill.
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    I'm new, and not officially diagnosed with FM, but both my rheumatologist and pain specialist think this is probably the case.

    I started having horrible, uncontrollable pain in January of this year that still hasn't got away, and it all started during a round of Levaquin antibiotic for diverticulitis, which had been recurring over and over again, having me on antibiotics almost all the time.
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    Hi Cressida,

    You have confirmed in my mind, what I have suspected for years, that my over-use of antibiotics as a child has something to do with my FM.

    I had many infections as a child and teenager, so I remember taking antibiotics all the time.
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    There are many things which can trigger our illnesses, including trauma, meds, stress, and infections. Some of us have actually used ABX in our treatment for FMS and CFIDS. No one knows for sure whether ABX can trigger our illnesses. One thing is certain--no one wants to have to take ABX but on the other hand, chronic infections can ravage our health. Often, it's choosing the lesser of two evils.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes - antibiotics have been one of the best inventions of our times, as have many medications. The problem stems from the cure also being the cause of other ills. I believe that if doctors prescribed PRObiotics,(to be taken after the round of antibiotics is completed) and then indicated that it was imperative to take them - even if you were feeling better, they may have alleviated a lot of recurring illnesses. The fact that they KNOW you have to replace the good intestinal flora after a round of antibiotics and they don't usually if ever - recommend this, is not good practice.

    I believe FM can be a cause of many different things that can wreak havoc on the muscles and soft tissues, but I believe that CFS and related FM stems directly from a compromised immune system and that is what antibiotics ultimately do, if the proper protocol of probiotcs are not taken to put back the good stuff.

    It's kind of like Chemotherapy - which kills the good cells and the cancer cells both. If something isn't done to replace those good cells, the immune system is too compromised and it is difficult for the person to recover.

    It's also the drugs which are hard on the liver. If you don't take measures to get your liver healthy and functioning properly, that too will make you ill.

    So after many rounds of antibiotics, without most people knowing that they MUST do this, their bodies eventually become diseased. Once you are this sick and depleted, it's not so easy to make a comeback, especially when you don't have the energy to even try to find a solution on your own and stick to it.

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    TF's can be used in lieu of ABX and AV's. The TF's do not carry the risks that the meds do and use the body's own immune system to kill pathogens. In Russia, phages have been used for decades instead of ABX. Phages are similar to TF's. The way it is now, for every new ABX, bacteria produce resistant strains and new ABX must be developed to deal with those bacteria. It's a losing game.

    I am very grateful for the ABX which have helped to control my mycoplasma infection; however, if I had known there was a TF for these bacteria, I would have opted for it instead. As it is now, I have to pulse the Doxycycline whenever I get run down enough that the mycoplasma infection reactivates.

    Love, Mikie