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    Hi all,

    Does anyone live in the Atlanta area, and if so do they see anyone good who takes insurance? If so and you can share you experiences and provide a name and phone number it would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a good internest and specialists such as infectious disease, immunology, rheumatology, and gastroenterology.

    I am strongly considering leaving Florida and moving to be closer to my brother. Thanks again for your help.
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    so I know how you are feeling! I had to find a new Dr here in Las Vegas.

    I saw Dr. Paul Sutej...he's on Johnson Ferry Rd right inside of 285..where all the hospitals & medical centers are. He is a rheumatologist/internist and definitely "believes" in Fibromyalgia. I cannot remember the name of the's something like Atlanta Arthritis...something. I never paid much attention to that!

    He is very straight to the point, but cool. Very knowledgeable and smart - I believe he used to be a research doctor. He also accepts email, so it was easy to quickly ask his nurse a question or leave a comment, etc..

    He was, however, not big on pain medication. I think he's very anti-narcotic..I got the impression the other doctor there was different than he was. I think his first name was "Gary." I had a bit of a problem with that, b/c honestly, some days of the month it seemed like NOTHING helped my pain and I would've loved to have an emergency bottle of something stronger for those days...but he wasn't willing to prescribe anything strong or narcotic.

    I'm sure you could call and find out all the doctors there. I had Coventry insurance at the time. I think they accepted basically all major plans. According to a doctor's site they accept:
    Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, Humana, BCBS, United Health Care, Sierra, Wellpoint ..but they also took my Coventry, so if you call, they can provide more info on that.
    Here's the info:
    980 Johnson Ferry Rd NE # 860
    Atlanta, GA 30342
    (404) 255-5956

    Hope that helps you - good luck!
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