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  1. Msdeana

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    Can I take Grape seed Ext and Ligaplex? I react too so many things that I want to make sure I can take these two supplements together. I know GSE is for the immune system and Ligaplex if for joint health and healing. Any help would be appreciated, I am also suffering from a major case of brain fog. huggies Deana.
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  2. quanked

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    I could be wrong, but I think each supplement addresses different issues. I am in a downturn right now so I am not very clear headed. But I think the GSE is for immune stuff. I think the ligaplex helps with energy. Neither is a cure but I think they both help. My family catches every flu and cold that passes through but I do not.

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    From the NCCAM - (National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine)
    What It Is Used For
    Grape seed extract is used for conditions related to the heart and blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and poor circulation.
    Other reasons for the use of grape seed extract include complications related to diabetes, such as nerve and eye damage; vision problems, such as macular degeneration (which can cause blindness); and swelling after an injury or surgery.
    Grape seed extract is also used for cancer prevention and wound healing.

    Side Effects and Cautions
    Grape seed extract is generally well tolerated when taken by mouth. It has been used safely for up to 8 weeks in clinical trials.
    Side effects that have been reported most often include headache; a dry, itchy scalp; dizziness; and nausea.
    The interactions between grape seed extract and medicines or other supplements have not been carefully studied.
    Tell your health care providers about any complementary and alternative practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.

    I think ligaplex is to help ligaments right? Also supposed to help metabolism - energy.
  4. Msdeana

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    I started taking Grape seed extract 120mg three days ago after supper. So far no reactions at all, my sinus are clear and my headaches are gone, and the swelling in my legs is also gone. It seems to help with all my circulation problems including my asthma. I will start mi Ligaplex I in a couple of days at 1/6th the dosage...and keep yah all updated. Have a great evening.

  5. Msdeana

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    Just letting yah all know I have had no reaction from my GPE. Yesterday, I have started the ligaplex I, 1/6th of the far no reaction. Gentle Huggies.....Deana

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