Question: Buzzing Feeling?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Angel6801, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    Okay... I had never mention this to any of drs(so I hope I remember telling my dr next time I see him).

    I have this symptoms.. It was not painful but annoying. It has not been really affect me at all. I believe I have this ever since I was young.

    I keep getting this kinda like buzzing feeling in my head. It is depend on how I moved my head. If I turned my head to right side, I can feel some buzz, some noises in my back of head to my neck. It is really hard to describle this...

    Did anyone have this??? or know what this could means??? I keep get them a lot but some day I don't get them. Plus they didn't affect me much as my other symptoms. I just wonder if this means something...

    Thanks for taking your time to read it.
  2. chickabee

    chickabee New Member

    I have a buzzing in my head also Always forget to ask Dr. about it. Could it be tinnitis? Maybe a side affect to a certain medication? I hope somebody does know for sure what this is. It is annoying. Sorry I couldn't help you much, just let you know that you aren't alone with the feeling. Nanc
  3. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    I do get hearing ring a lot... But this one, it just goes with my neck and my head. I did mentioned to my dr about the ringing. He said it is prop due to my deafness.

    That is fine, I know that there are not much info you can't help out but at least you said something so. Thanks.
  4. chickabee

    chickabee New Member

    Sorry to hear that you are deaf. I didn't realize this. Hope you find the answers that you are looking for.
    good luck and hugs to ya... nanc
  5. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    It is okay. I am pretty much normal person. I had been deaf ever since I was born. So, I am pretty much happy of who I am (beside Fibro). No need to be sorry. :)
  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member



  7. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    I get it everywhere! At times it is so bad that it is more like a vibrating.
  8. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    Will have to look up for LABARYNTHITIS. I haven't mention it to dr but will have to. They never test me for LABARYNTHITIS. I will ask my dr to do it. Thanks all for say something. :)
  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    This is one symptom that I first had and still do..My first dx was labarynthitis didn't realize there was a test for this..I was referred to an ENT and he gave me adivert and xanax..which didn't help, well the xanax helped me tolerate it..I have ringing in my ears 24/7..Still have no answers unless its part of this disease...

    Its a horrible feeling mine later led to anxiety attacks..

    God Bless,
  10. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    yes i have buzzing 24/7 mostly in my legs but sometimes my body just buzzes but i hurt at a 9-10 everyday and thats on pain meds! neurontin helps keep it to a point so i dont just JUMP!!!! sorry pissy mood today! good luck! HUGS! MONA
  11. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I call it, like little electrical shocks in my head, sometimes down my face but mostly in my head. Is that what you get?

    I mentioned it to my doctor once and he looked at me like he didnt know what I was talking about, like he does about many of our symptoms.

    I dont know why I get it, I did think at one time it was related to the meds I was taking but I get it when I dont take meds so I dont know.

    It's not painful, just kind of very annoying. ~Sorry I cant shed more light on it.


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