question? can all this stress betweeen my daughter

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    An all this stress that is going on between my daughter and I make my legs hurt worse? IWhen I posted last night I refured to my heart as hurting { emotionally not phyically}
    But can this underlying stress cause me to hurt more phyically? This emotional stuff is hard on the body isn't it?

    HIiis it possiable for me to be so upset obht paically and emotionall and have more pain becasue it.

    Tonight I am in a alot of phyical PAIN but notas much a the emotional from lst night?
    Just wondering? CAn my emotioanl feeelings cause moore phycial feelings>
    still a bit confused about it? can you please help me
    stilll to sort it out?
    Thanks so much,
  2. cymbeline

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    I think that emotions and the body are linked. My legs feel really heavy almost like i can't move them at all when i think (or try to think) about issues that are difficult for me or repressed during my therapy session.
    Psychosomatic disorders are the physical manifestation of thought and emotions, usually in an extreme way. CFS was once thought to be psychosomatic although thankfully not many people still believe this.
    However i do think that emotional difficulties if not processed can affect some people in a physical way and if you already have pain or other physical difficulties then it may be more noticable than in someone who is in perfect health.
    Hope this makes sense
  3. jole

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    We all know stress causes flares with fibro, and of course emotional uphevals of the sort you mention certainly are stressful.

    Hope you can feel better soon.