Question, Fibromyalgia and MPS how many have both?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baybe, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. baybe

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    It's becoming harder for me to treat my fibro without including the MPS factor. I am curious why so little discussion is given to MPS. I would really like hear from people on it and maybe get the discussion opened, I find it gratifying because at least with the MPS there are actions I can take to help keep in touch with what's happening to my body.
    There are articles on this website that are helpful, one is Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Pain Syndrome? Understanding - and Treating, the Differences.
    I would be greatly interested in opening up this avenue, I believe there are some answers in studying these 2 as the separate by companion entities they are. I' would love to hear from people who know about this subject, and how many of us are affected by both, or how many of us are even unaware that these two aspects of our symptoms are separate diagnoses.
    Looking forward to some support and information.
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    What you call MPS I call CMS(Chronic myofascial syndrome)I got MPS 11 years ago and have steadily gotten worse.I use to walk 3 miles a day and ride a bike 3-9 miles a day before breakfast.My legs would burn for about 45 minutes and then feel better.Now I walk a mile a day and sometimes ride a bike 2-3 miles and the burn in my legs gets stronger through the day.My knees and feet are painful all the time.Severe fatigue set in 7 years ago along with painful shoulders, neck,arms and hips.I have not had normal sleep in 11 years. The only time I get 2 hrs of sleep is when I take the meds with supps.Without the meds I get 2-3 45 minute naps a day. That's where the FM comes in. All the pain can not be just from the trigger points in my back.There are times when my legs won't move when I intend them to.My knees buckle when I am standing still.That always baffled me until about 3 months ago when I saw it was a symptom of FM.I diagnosed my mother with FM. She thought I was nuts.Then her doctor diagnosed her.I had a freind who was seeing a doctor and they were leaning towards MS when his wife said everytime she saw him she thought of how I was.I told her to ask the doc about the possibilty of FM and sure enough my buddy has it. 2 main things of FM that I don't have (severe IBS and brain fog) he has had for some time now.We are both 43 years old and feel it is way too early to naturally forget things.I may misplace my keys at times but I don't put the lunchmeat in the cupboard or forget where my mother lives YET.
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    What type of doctor diagnoses for MPS? The type of pain explained in these threads sounds so much like like the way I feel. Also today my neck was bothering me so that I ws dizzy and unsure on my feet. Are these symtoms of MPS?
  4. baybe

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    I really need to learn more of this. Clueless, I learned about it from my Support Group and my Primary just kind of said, "oh, yes". Sometimes I wonder if it's where I live or what? But my physicians spend very little time telling me what is going on with my health, what to expect, and how to treat, my illness. I wonder if that is common. I have found help from body workers and just understanding how CMP or MPS, both names are used, has helped take some of the fear out of my dealings with pain and has given me some tools I can apply when I am in big time flairs. The understanding of how myofascia crosses the body and can carry pain crosswise and quite a distance has been great.
    One of the strangest and nicest things that I have found is that when I rub my back wing, the area Line spoke of, it releases my sinuses and helps with my head pain.
    First doc I had said it was impossible, but now understanding how the myofascia criss/crosses the body and can create trapping of muscle it makes sense that the release in one area can help the flow in another. New understanding of this relieves some of my misgivings about am I losing it or can this really be happening.
  5. kredca4

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    I was dx first with the Chronic Myofascial Pain Disorder, by my Orthopedic Surgeon. He sent me to a Rhumologist to get a second opinion and also to see if I had "Other Things Going On". Turns out I did, I was dx with FMS.
    I was relieved, at first, but after researching it, I knew I had to change my Life, cause my Life had beed changed for me. Know what Imean?

    The Pain from the CMPD, cause's the FMS Pain , they work like a Merry-go-round, only there's nothing Merry about it.

    My favorite site on CMPD is by Devin Starlanyl, just type her name into a search engine, and you'll find her links.
    She has a Book also that I found to be easy to Understand, quite a few of the Member's here also have it. "A Survivor's Manual", she has a couple of them.
    There is also a Trigger Point Book that is popular here, but due to it being so foggy these day's, I can't remember.
    Look for Post's by Jolly, in our archives, she's the one who does the Treatment that the authors talk about.
    I call her the "Mashing Queen". ;0]

    I take Vicodin, Soma and Vistril 3 times a day, and it has Greatly reduced my Symptoms, but I also have other conditions that keeps the FMS flared.

    I Love Soft Tissue Massage, it works the best for me, some like the deeper massages, but I'm a whimp, and I don't have a Hot tub or I'd be using that a lot, instead of the Hot Moist Towels I heat in the Micro.

    I have searched, the net for board's that deal with CMPD, but they are always hooked up with the FMS/CFS and then hardly anthing is mentioned about it. I mostly read articles that I find on the net., to see if there are any new treatment's or Clinical Trials going, and there dosen't seem to be much Interest in CMPD.

    I often think what I have is Anxiety Disorder with the CMPD, but then one of the FMS symptonm's come's along, just to remind me it's there. S%%#

    I'm hoping for some Sleep tonight been up for 3 day's now, with 2 small naps. Getting Stressed over something I guess.

    Sorry all of you also have this combo, is sure makes life difficult, but it's a Disorder that has Symptoms that you can treat. Unlike FMS, they still don't Know for sure what it is and how to treat it. What works for some, dosen't for other's.

  6. Dara

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    I had never even heard of MPS until a couple of years ago. My doctor said that I had both. I think he just assumed that I knew that. Anymore, I've been in such pain I'm not sure which one is the cause of which pain..

  7. Megster

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    Usually the MPS/CMP is the worst culprit, though the fatigue/brain fog are bad, too. Was getting treatment for the MPS/CMP from a Myofacial Rehabilitation specialist, but between the deductible and co-pay with my insurance, I just couldn't afford it. Unfortunately, every possible tiggerpoint was possitive (had a rather rough and tummble life), and my nervous system was so hyper senstive that we had to go real slow, so it was going to take a whole lot of tx. In fact, in many ways it made me feel worse, but I still believe that if I could have continued with the therapy, I would have been able to significantly decrease my levels of pain. I'm currently trying to hit as many of the trigger points as I can with the hot tub jets, but don't know yet if that will really work. Sure hurts almost as much as when he was doing the myofascial release! If I win the lottery, I'd certainly go back to him a give it a good try. Until then...

  8. HuggyMummy

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    Knowing I have FMS I haven't truly lookewd fully into CMP. Someone indicated that one can't have fMS without having CMP. Is this correct?

    I know I have 18 out of 18 tender points, but so far have been unable to find any 'trigger' points that refer pain elsewhere. I do have pain when I touch ny breastbone at any point - someone said that that could be either costochondritis or a trigger point - however again no referred pain (no constant pain either - just with pressure).

    Do CMP trigger points always refer pain, or can it be localised to within a few inches?

    Have been reading up on CMP, but would welcome as much input as possible here.

  9. Lexied

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    FMS, CMPS in addition to CFS, RA, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis!! Whoopie !! Aren't I LUCKY!! LOL
    Even though I definately have my share of problems I realize that I'm not alone and that I could always have worse problems. As long as you keep things in perspective and try to enjoy your "good moments" it will be easier to live with this DD. I notice that you do a lot of your own research about your illness ... that's what I've learned to do. I really think MFPS & FM are related but so far I haven't gotten many answers from my doctors. I will keep up with this thread though ... maybe I get some good info here!!

    Hugs - Lexied
  10. Megster

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    at least according to the research I've done, and what my Myorehab therapist said. I have very few that refer pain elsewhere. One funny one though...I don't remember what muscle group he was working on...somewhere in the abdomen, and over the next few days I was feeling such INTENSE anger about being labled a "hypochondriac" all my life. Mentioned this to him and he just smiled and said that the term was actually invented for women who had unexplained abdominal pain! So the refered pain is not only limmited to physical points!

  11. kredca4

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    That's the book, I was thinking of.
  12. Samsgram

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    I also have that wonderful combo! I have a great pain specialist who has done wonders for the Myofascial Pain. Not to say it's gone bye-bye but when it gets bad again he helps it again. I honestly didn't realize how much pain I was carrying around until he took a lot of it away. That sounds crazy but it's true. The releasing shots, the stretches and cold spray (can't remember what it's called)all help so much. I wish FM was as easily dealt with.