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    Hey how is your neurotin going? Have you started on your 2 doses yet? I'm suspose to up mine today to two doses, if you have did you take both of them at bedtime or spread em out thru the day? I have to take mine like at 7:00 for it to make me sleepy by the time I go to bed or I just lie in there wide awake til it hits me. Let me know how your doing with it.
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    where are you?
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    I am also have PTSD and go to therpy.
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    I just thought I'd reply because I'm gonna take my first dose of Neurontin tonite. Only 100 mg. though, think I'll try it just at night for awhile to see if it helps me sleep then maybe add one or two more doses during the day.

    I tried it back in February and my doctor started me off at 300mg 3xday then to increase it to 2 pills 3xdaily.
    HA! I felt like a drunken zombie, I don't know how anyone can handle that much and that's the starting dose! That lasted for about 2 days.....

    Anyway, good luck with yours, how much are you taking?

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    300mgs twice a day. I take one in the am and one is the pm. After a week I have to increase the dose to 3 a day then up to a max of 6 a day over a period of time. It makes me alittle groggy in the am but its not too bad.
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    I got so tickeled when I saw all then bumps, I thought it was my biography (All the bumpy roads I've been down in my life!!)

    I have an appointment on Thurs 16th w/Dr, and will start the second dose, and in two weeks, the third, I have to go slow due to sensitivity to drugs. I also take Ambien to sleep, for stage 4 sleep. Doxepin for depression,Soma for muscle relaxer, and I am taking Cipro, rather I just finished Cipro antibiotic to jump startme with a antibiotic therapy, will be starting doxycycline next week.

    Did a lot of research on this site, LIbrary, and the Links
    for 4months. went to my doctor with the info, and she said it made sense to her, and agreed to supervise my selection of drugs

    Have to go See you later!! .......1maqt