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    I am anxiously awaiting hearing about my teaching disability claim.

    I saw one doctor. And, then, I saw another doctor they wanted me to see.

    First an M.D. Then a psychiatrist. I believe that they told me that the psychiatrist was the "one last doctor" they wanted me to see.

    Do you recall how long it took for you to hear about the approval of your disability claim?

    Also, do you recall how long it was before you received any financial relief?

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    Oh, this is taxing. Body really acting up and no money.
    What a combination!
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    bumping for a response

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    I heard about my claim . My first one they only sent me to a psychiatrist.I received my denial in 2 months.
    I filed again and they did not send me to Any doctors and got denied a second time.That one took about 4 months.
    Now I have a lawyer and my hearing is Sept. 19 th. Took me 9 months to hear when my hearing date was.
    Hope this helps.Sorry about your hurting.I wish you luck and please hang in there. I know its difficult but we gotta do it.