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    Are we trying to change the name just in the United States, or all around the world? Because, I think we need to consider that if we're trying to change the name world-wide, it's going to take a MASSIVE effort. And I honestly don't think any name we choose will be successfully changed everywhere, even if we are able to change it in the US.

    The thing with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is that most of the world already recognizes it and accepts it. I mean, if the W.H.O. recognizes it, then it's going to be EXTREMELY difficult to get ME changed to something else. We are trying to change the name CFS, not the name ME. So it's kind of pointless because we'd be calling it one thing here in the states and another thing everywhere else. I think we do need to consider the fact that the WHO is not going to just change the name so easily.

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    Kim, you make a very good point. It makes sense to call it the same thing throughout the world. Thanks!
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    I agree, and I think ME is the best choice under the circumstances.
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    Kim, you make an excellent point. Did you post this on the thread for CFS name change? If you haven't, it might be a good idea to put it in that thread. I have been leaning towards ME for a name change.