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    I dont' know if I am sick and have an infection or if my fibro is just flaring do to the news I recieved a few weeks ago.

    I am a member of the Church of Jesus ,Christ of Ladder day saints {Mormons}
    I am not as active as I should be but I do have a great deal of failth in my religion. Suddenly two weeks ago my husband of 32 yrs informed me that he was leaving the LDS church and going to rejoin the Baptist Church in which he was raised as a child.
    HE has not shared the reasons for this extreme change, as he has had his name removed from church records and it came as a shock to me. I don't know where I stand with the church I have been raised in and have been in since I was ababy.]
    I have nothing against the BAptist faith ,they are good people and have simlar beliefs , and I love my husband dearly and always will,,
    I just dont' know if the surpirse of this sudden shock to me could have caused me to flare and have differnet symptoms that I have ever had.?
    I have many qustions as to where I fit in my religion now, and I need to speak with teh bishop to get the answers I need.
    The strange symptoms are I have lost my voice, I have not been able to speak aboivce a whisper for two days now, and my body aches more than it ever has. I don't remember ever being in so much pain, I have had a headache for a couple of days now and it won't go away dispite my taking my morphine sulfate pain pills, Nothing has eased this pain in the past few days.
    I am so cunfused about so many things and upset that my body is out of whack and nothing is as it should be. I have no voice, horriable pain in my body hips, back, joints , muscles well every where.
    I wonder if this shock could have set off this strange flare? I have this same post on teh fibro board. I am so confused about faith beliefs and why did he do this>
    Sorry for being so difficult ,
    Thanks for the help and leting me share my confuesd thoughts and how i phyically feel.
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    letting go of your husband's decisions....these are his and not yours....

    My ex left our so called great religion many yrs ago and I finally left it too. For me and many others, religion is not the answer for so much we deal with.

    We need to work on controlling our own destiny...and for me not letting a religion control my destiny.

    I've learned and studied so much over the last 20 some yrs and I'm a different person than who I was at a young age...

    As I see it, too much money and too much religion can be evil...too much of anything is not good. What is good to have too much of is GOOD HEALTH.....Change is Good.....jam
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    It's a good question, I have sometimes wondered, too...
    does a shock or upset cause a flare???

    Or maybe it is a combination of a flare already happenning,WITH the stress, makes the flare all the worse, and also makes any of our illness symptoms harder to cope with. A stress lowers our coping ability that we usually use.
    We always wonder what causes a flare, since we have no clear explanation or answer for it.

    Religious questions can create a lot of deep inner turmoil, for many of us. Rosemarie has questions about herself , as well as her husband....and marriage. It makes sense to me that one would.

    Questions of faith can often take time to figure out for oneself. Even though we wish we could find quicker answers.
    And isn't always easy between marriage partners either. The communication and the differences are challenges. Good idea to try to let spouses have some time to figure out things in their own way.

    Changes can be good, or not, in my opinion...but changes are changes...they will happen, are part of life...and they often do add stress and confusion, untill we find our own way to adapt to each one.
    Whether it is our own change or a close family member's, especially a spouse.

    Stress and upset, or confusion make ANY illness worse, and harder to cope with.
    People always accept that fact, with other illnesses, but sometimes not as much with our types, which isn't fair to us, IMO. Even we ourselves, are hard on ourselves.

    I hope things work out, slowly, for you, Rosemarie.
    It's good to express confusions and share turmoils , especially with nonjudgmental listeners.

    I respect your beliefs, too, Jam.
    We each have a path, to go on.

    Leah Freida

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    I totally agree with the fact that any stress is harmful to our bodies/illnesses. However, no matter how hard we try to avoid stress, it simply isn't possible. It doesn't matter if it's household, family or faith, stress is there. I appreciate the fact that this division between you and your hubby's religious preferences are causing you concern, and it could definitely cause you to have a flare.

    Our bodies react strangely to stress, and maybe your loss of voice is from that...or maybe not. Mine does the same thing. Not to a total loss, but I get very hoarse at times and it's like I have to yell to get my words out. It's always when I've overdone or am simply more exhausted than usual. So yes, I think it's possible. But if you can, perhaps you should see a doc if it continues for a few days. Any new symptoms need to be checked out.

    We seem to find it hard to seek medical help, because it gets really old being told 'you're fine' when we know we're not. Been there too, but don't put it off too long if you don't improve once the shock of all this improves for you. Wishing you the best....Jole
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    it's that each and everyone is on their "own path"...whatever that is....some find new directions and others stay their lifetime course....

    I chose to get off the course I was given at took a lot of years, but I arrived and I'm peaceful with my path now. I had no Choice at birth. jam
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    potholes enter my life, so found myself making a lot of detours, all for the better as I enter this last quarter of my life....Peaceful....
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    Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and sending you lots of gentle hugs and prayers.

    Most of my younger life I grew up in Salt Lake City. I was baptized as Catholic but I attended the Mormon church alot 5th through 12th grade.