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    Hi Gary,
    I have a question regarding your recovery after Valcyte treatment. Did you happen to have a low body temperature prior to Valcyte treatment? If so, have you noticed a return to normal (98.6) now that you are feeling well?
    I ask this because one of Prof. DeMeirleir's theories is that an immune activation protein has a 98% homology with the T3 receptors, binding to them and competing with the body's own T3. This makes our own T3 inefficient (T3 resistance), causing fatigue and below normal body temperature. Treatment with an antiviral may attenuate the immune activation, freeing up T3 receptors.
    I noticed that in my own treatment with Valcyte, and then Famvir, my temperature did gradually increase to almost normal. My symptoms (especially pain) were greatly relieved by this. However, I have noticed an increase in my symptomolgy in the past month - and lo and behold - my body temp is back down again to 97.2 - 97.4. I know that those with FM frequently have a lower than normal body temp, yet Thyroid meds don't seem to be very helpful for most of them. I'm wondering for myself whether I have had an immune reactivation (for whatever reason).
    I will ask DeMeirleir about this ( I do research for a local doc and have consulted with him in the past), but would appreciate your reply regarding your own body temp.

    p.s. anyone else who reads this and might have some feedback, I would welcome it as well

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