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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JCJ, Aug 20, 2003.

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    My first post to this board:

    Goodday - Soory if you've included this info somewhere and I've missed it, but I've been reading your posts about Naltrexone.
    My question is: What type of doctor prescribed this drug for you? Was it a mainstream MD or holistic or otherwise?
    I've battled FMS for about 8 years and have been through the gamut of doctors with little success. Am extremely sensitive to meds as well as herbals.
    Thanks for any input -
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    I'm not Goodday, but I do take Naltrexone. It has been prescribed to me by two CFIDS specialists, one not holistic, the other started out as MD, but has some sympathy for holistic medicine.
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    Hi JCJ, my attending physician, (my regular general practioner) who has treated me for the past five years prescribed the Naltrexone. My pain was uncontrolled and I refused to take any "harder" drugs than the Neurontin and Ultram and Baclofen. I wasn't about to start on morphine, codeine, or anything like it.
    It seems that most of us with fibro develop sensativities to drugs, and I am no exception.
    I started on 4.5 mg of Naltrexone but after several weeks went to 3 mg. Just this month I started on 3.5 and it is presently doing a fairly decent job with the "all over body pain."
    I don't post about Naltrexone because so far the few who have tried it on this message board haven't had good luck with it. I think that if a person has general fibromyalgia without a lot of other conditions do the best on it, although I have numerous back/neck/spinal spur problems with muscle spasms. This has been the only med that has brought me good releif without going to the hard core drugs after suffering with fibro for 20 years! I am sleeping better as well, which helps the generalized pain.
    I had releif within three days after starting Naltrexone.
    I would suggest that your apothecary use calcium carbonate as the filler. (The dose is so low they need to use a filler.)
    I think some who experienced extreme tiredness on LDN might have had low blood blood pressure has gone down since starting Naltrexone, mostly due to less pain. We are still watching my b/p and may have to lower my b/p pills. Those who were on Neurontin and or Ultram can have withdrawal problems if they quit without lowering dosage slowly before beginning LDN.
    One can still take Neurontin (but not Ultram) and some other drugs (no opioids) while on Naltrexone. I still take Norflex or Baclofen now and then if my muscle spasms flare up. I still take a multi-vitamin and some extra magnesium and calcium, b/p med and Synthroid.
    Make sure your physician and pharmacist understand that you do not want SL--slow release naltrexone. I think that comes in the large doses anyway, but to be safe, have this information assured.
    Sooner or later we all look for that one thing that will help us the most. This drug should not cost more than $38.00 at the most each month. I have lowered my daily intake of medications by about 75%!! I hope this helps. Goodday
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    think. I know I am. I would have tried it by now but haven't found a doc who will prescribe it. Am in the process of finding new docs and trying new therapies. Pain in the patush. Also, lots of times people need to see things over and over, or just in the right context or something. Goodday to Goodday