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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by kathyincolorado, Aug 14, 2004.

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    Hi! I was reading your reply about a thumping heartbeat, and I was hoping you could give more info on Iosol. Is this a perscription? Can you just use iodine? Did you have any side-effects? Thank you
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    Hi Kathy, There is nothing worse than a "thumping" or "pounding" heart. Iosol is NOT a Prescription. I DO NOT think its just regular "tincture" of iodine and it is so easy to buy: just enter Iosol in the search engine box and you will come up with a bunch of people trying to sell it to you. It's cheap (I can't remember the exact price but the one oz bottle is probably around $10-$15). It never goes bad, and one bottle lasts me half a year since I only use ONE DROP in a glass of water to take my PM pills. Even though it's water soluable, make sure to DRINK THE WHOLE GLASS because it lingers in the bottom of the glass. I have personally had absolutely NO side effects, but we are all different (you might need more?). If you search for the product Iosol, you will find that different sites recomment different amounts of drops. All I know is that I am VERY sensitive to meds etc and the dosage I was told to "start on" 3-4 years ago was one drop and since this fixed a really bad problem (the heart thumping)within 5-10 minutes, i figured, why adjust the dose? Our (CFS/FM/MCS/LD) bodies are most likely out of balance somehow with either too much or not enough of the necessary life-sustaining chemicals, so who knows. Please let me know if it works for you; I really hope it does. Peace and Good Luck