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    You said u went to a osteopath who put you on armour and that helped lift your depression . I am still taking my armour thyroid but my family md will not raise my armour. I am currently taking 60mg but i struggle with low blood sugar that i think causes my moody blues. I do still have to take my valium for my anxiety and i often wonder if that is related to the hypo. I have bought and read the book stop the thyroid maddness. But i have loaned my book out. So my fibro fog is really bad tonite. I am currently seeing a new doctor who finally did xrays on me and said i have oa of the neck. and degenerative disk disease. My hips does not bother me as bad as my neck. anyway i guess i need to go back to see my osteopathic doctor to see if he will go by my symptoms for my thyroid . He really pushes the iodine more ?? thanks crickett
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    Thanks for your input i feel the same way u do about the doctor situation as i have seen so many with little help. But very grateful they are there just in case we do need them. I have been to the board and i have read alot of posts but fibro fog sometimes causes things to go over my head??? lol or leaves me confused but i will go check it out again. I am taking adrenal support from standard process for adrenal issues. thanks crickett