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    Jelly -- I've been reading a lot lately on leaky gut, the mycoplasma/virus issues, hypercoagulation & enzymes. Thanks for your great articles here also . . . they've been great! I was wondering something. One of the enzyme articles talks about hypercoagulation and how it comes from these stealth infections. It also talked about using enzymes (i.e. possibly Bromelain) on an empty stomach to get into the blood stream and help the hypercoagulation issue . . . do you use the enzymes and Heparin? Can one work without the other for this and/or why would you need both . . . does the heparin just thin the blood until the enzymes fix the problem? Just trying to understand how this all fits together . . . sounds like the enzymes before you eat are good for the leaky gut issues & the enzymes on an empty stomach are good for the hypercoag. I have been lucky that I don't have the bad IBS/gastro problems that some do, but I do have constant vaginal yeast. Not sure if it is from my insulin problem, compromised immunity, leaky gut type issue & over use of ABX in the past or all of the above!!!!???? Thanks for any help you can give . . . Love, Terri
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    I'm nowhere near the expert Jelly is on this, but I see your post about to slip to page 2 without an answer, so I thought I'd tackle part of it.
    I believe the enzymes help remove fibrin from the walls of blood vessels, thereby making them wider with blood able to flow more freely. Whereas heparin thins the blood itself, but does not affect deposits on blood vessel walls.
    Hopefully, Jelly will correct me if I'm wrong.
    I take enzymes, and consider them to be the single most important supplement I take. I truly believe I would be dead by now without them, as I had gotten to the point several years ago where I could not digest anything but hot cereal and canned fruit, and all my hair was falling out. With enzymes,I can eat anything but green peppers.
    Hope this helped,
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    you need? I bought enzymes that have 20,000 USP units of amylase and protease..and 3,400 USP units of lipase..and 4x200mg of Pancreatin with pepsin cellulase, ox bile extract pepsin enzymes, bromelain, papaya powder and Bromelain l0:1... Is this enough of each component? I, also looked at some vegetarian enzymes, but did not know how they compare...

    Between meals, I am taking a Quercetin/Bromelain complex that treats allergies, too. I also bought some Pancreatin that has much higher levels of amylase and protease (l40,000 USP units each) and (ll,200 units)
    of lipase..Do you need that high a level?

    And I am finally taking Probiotics (The Jarrows Brand at Prohealth) but read somewhere that it is good to get the FOS included, but this brand did not indicate whether that was contained in it, too.

    Thanks for any suggestions,
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    which enzymes do you take? I have heard that Bromelain is a good one to start with. I don't have any gastointestinal issues since way back at the onset, so I don't know for sure if I need them for digestion or not, but for other issues probably and they all tie in together it seems. Terri
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    I checked out the Hemex Labs website . . . they have some good info plus there is a good article in the library re: David Berg and explaining it all too . . . thanks as always for all of the great info!

    Did you see the article I posted yesterday on the immune system talking about the mucosal portion, the blood portion, etc.? I am wondering if that might explain some things with me . . . all my immune blood work so far is completely normal, yet my dr. knows there is an immune problem. I get constant infections -- chronic sinus, vaginal, urinary . . . less urinary than the others . . . the mucosal portion sounds like I could have that issue . . . my dr. mentioned recently checking into an IgA defect . . . I bet that was what he was talking about . . . Terri