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    Hi jellybelly,
    Since you are an expert on hypercoagulation, I wonder if you might advise me on something. Until the age of about 23,(around 1983) I always used aspirin as a pain killer. At that time I used to get quite alot of nose bleeds and had a lot of problem with blood not clotting. Then there was talk about aspirin causing stomach bleeding, so I switched to paracetamol, which was supposed to be safer.I was advised to take vitamin C and some vitamin K for the nose bleeds.
    Then suddenly the nose bleeds stopped and I was so happy. In 1986 I had the flu many times. Since then my fatigue has gradually got worse every year. I also had unexplained infertility, which I am sure was due to hypercoagulation. When my doctor,(last year) looked at my blood under the microscope, he suspected bacterial infection and said that he could see my bood was clumped together. Later test showed I have Mycoplasma infection. I asked him, if he could do the test to check for hypercoagulation. he said that there was no need to do the test, because he knew I did have it and the test would only confirm it. He said the question was how to treat it, and usually people are treated with Heparin injections. He didn't seem to be too keen about treating me for hypercoagulation , because he wants to treat the high Rnase-L and the Mycoplasma for the moment and several other deficiencies.
    My question to you is, should I try to treat the condition myself with low dose aspirin or something else like digestive enzymes. I suppose I need a doctor's prescription for the nasel heparin and I presume that needs to be properly monitored. I would appreciate any advice.
    P.S. The fatigue and cognitive dysfunction is the major problem for me at the moment.

    Many thanks
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    You are a mine of information. I will insist on the test when I see him next. Just one other thing, is Heparin expensive, how much would it cost for a month.

    Thanks Satin