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    I found an earlier thread where you were discussing the fact that your HMO did not pay for the lab tests done.

    I also had lab tests done by Quest Diagnostics (I have an HMO and my HMO uses quest diagnostics) and I am also led to believe that they will be paid- something about a capitated account. My primary ordered many of the tests and I paid out of pocket for some that he refused to pay.

    In your thread you said that you were led to believe that the tests would be paid for - was it Quest that led you to believe it or was it the FFC?

    I've been talking with the Quest at the 1-800 number. So far though, my insurance company has not yet received a claim for the blood tests done in April - it is now June 2nd. I'm not getting bills from Quest, but boy am I worried. We're talking about $4900? I got each test cost from Quest- the main office - and came up with this price - that is without the last infectious panel that I paid out of pocket for ($940) that my GP refused to request.

    I'm afraid that here I am 'hopping down the bunny trail' thinking that the labs will be paid for and then later being unpleasantly surprised when I get the bill.

    I've been speaking with the Quest representative at the 1-800 number and they say that I owe nothing- my fear is that it gets to the insurance company and they deny it and then Quest changes their mind and bills me.

    Let me know your experience if you don't mind- or anyone else's who might be reading this.