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    From what I have been reading, it looks like to truly head down that health path, one needs to find a good herbalist, naturopath, etc., to work with, and I wondered if you could give me some ideas on selecting such a individual? I was hoping to "heal thyself", with my own reading..which I will, also, do, but Tillotson (author of The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook) indicates it may be wise to find a "wise guru" to customize one's treatment... Can you guide me, here, as I do not know how to find one?

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    First I would go for a Naturopath, since they have some training in all the alt. fields, ie. herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, energy work, muscle testing, etc.
    Then,it all depends on where you live. There are a few states where practicing Naturopathy is legal, and in those places you will find licensed practitioners with a minimum of 9 yrs. of education after high school, and a degree from a college that they attended in person. They have to take conventional pharmacy courses, and do dissection of a human, just like in real med school. In those states, you should be able to look in your Yellow Pages under Naturopathic Physicians and find one. I am sure about Washington, Oregon and Connecticutt, and I think Arizona, California and a couple of others may have come on board and licensed N.D.'s by now.
    If you live in one of the backwards states, as most of us do, you will have to contend with people who have mail-order degrees and practice illegally, usually calling themselves "certified Natural health professionals" or something similiar, since calling themselves a "doctor" is a felony in those states. Some will get a PhD in some other subject so they can use the word "doctor" in front of their name without going to jail. Some correspondence schools are pretty good, like Clayton School of Natural Health or Trinity. Ask them where they went to school. To find one who is going to be trustworthy in one of the states where it is illegal, I would start by asking the head of the supplement dept. at your local health foods store. Also ask everybody you know if they have anyone to recommend. Most of these people are forced to sell supplements to survive, since they cannot charge professional level fees like regular docs. This puts them in a conflict of interest situation, in my opinion, so it is wise to be very informed yourself, since it is human nature that they want to sell you their supplements! If you are in this situation, I strongly recommend buying James Balch's book that I recommended in my other post to you, and double checking all the advice you get against the info in it before proceeding. I eventually quit going to my Naturopath, when she admitted that I knew more than she did. BTW, all of my studying has been by mail, since I live in Florida where it is a felony. In the states where it is not legal, they cannot order blood tests and cannot write prescriptions like they can in the legal states. This leads many of them to push things like saliva tests, that may or may not be as accurate as blood tests.
    The best places to find great N.D.'s are in the cities with the best accredited schools of Naturopathy, like Seattle and Portland.
    You might also try a websearch and see what you come up with.
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    Does anyone know if there's any Neuropaths in Missouri??
    I know i'd sure give one a try......I don't like the side effects of some of these meds we all take.
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    but any Naturopath's practicing there will be under "holistic practitioners" or "alternative practitioners" or "natural health professionals" or something similar in your Yellow Pages, since Missouri is one of the states where it is illegal.
    Keep in mind that in states where it is illegal, your insurance will not pay for it.