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    Hey klutzo~ can you lead me to where you found the info on MVP being associated with Fibro,scoliosis,IBS.etc?
    I just started to search for info on MVP.I wrote on the other post.(thinking i may have it) I found it startling all those thigs listed as "go alongs" with MVP. I have Scoliosis,IBS,Endometriosis and FM. I looked a little here....and then did a search all over the net on mvp.I did'nt see anywhere the connection mentioned~(course I only clicked on about 12 links so far.....there are tons!)
    Thanks for your time!
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    I opened my very fat folder on MVPS and quickly struck gold. I found one of several places where I have seen this info. Unfortunately, I do not own a scanner. So, I will give you clues to find it yourself.
    This was a ten page article from the Society for Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome website, which is reached through mitralvalveprolapse and a dot com. The relevant info was on page 4 of this document, under the "What is MVP Syndrome" section, where it says: "People with MVPS have a higher incidence of : TMJ, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, PMS, fibrocystic breast disorder, tinnitis, infertility, seasonal affective disorder, altitude sickness, seasickness and endometriosis."
    If for some reason you still can't find the website, their phone number is (630)250-9327.
    happy searching,

    P.S. I think maybe you didn't find this excellent website right away because you searched for plain MVP, which is a much more benign thing than MVPS! If you remember to include the word "syndrome" when you search you should hit paydirt right away. :)
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    I should be able to find've lead me well!
    Thanks sooooo much!!Take care~