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    Maybe you can answer a couple more transcription questions for me. Thankfully, I'm getting LTD from an insurance company so I woulnd't need the income to support myself.

    I do type about 80wpm so that part's not a problem, though I've never tried to figure out dictation.

    I'm just wondering if they'd even *hire* someone who could only work 2-6 hours/week over 3 days. And I'd have to do it at home.

    I'm sorry you felt so bad about standing up to the woman. I'd say maybe it would be worth it if she'd changed her ways because of it, but she probably didn't.

    Thanks for sharing all your experience!
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    I don't know the answer to your question. I guess it would depend upon the person hiring you, but probably they would want you to do more, after they take the trouble of training you. I was told that once I took a tape home, I had to finish it within 48 hrs. because the docs expect patient charts to be kept up to date, so they expect a very quick turnaround on transcription. I type 90 wpm. and know medical terminology inside out from working in a hospital for years, but doctors are SO sloppy in their speaking, and many are falling asleep as they dictate,which does not help either. The average tape was at least 2 hrs. long, but it takes a lot more than 2 hrs. to transcribe one.
    I am not sorry I stood up to this witch. I am sorry I called her names and went down to her level because I was so mad. I should have kept my dignity. No, I am sure it did not effect her. She is one of those people who will always blame everything that goes wrong on someone or something outside of herself, and never see herself as the common denominator in all the problems in her life. She was on a lot of steroids for asthma, and I could see where some of her problems may have been due to steroid rage, since she flew off the handle so easily.
    Don't be afraid to try it if you get the chance, but please trust your gut feelings. I knew right away I could not get along with this woman, but I tried to force myself so I could make some money. Mistake!
    Take care,