question for madwolf or anyone re cortisol

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkquartz, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. pinkquartz

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    i have started a 2 week trial of cortisol and today is the 3rd day and my kidneys are aching. is there any chance this connected ?
    can you please advise me ?

  2. KathiM

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    Hi PinkQuartz.......

    Dont know if I can answer your question but are you on "cortisol" or "cortisone"????

    My Dr put me on a trial also of 10 mg Prednisone(a cortisone) to see if it takes inflamation and pain away. I just started Sat morning with my first pill and am to take one each morning.
    I know it is very very very important to drinks LOTS of water while on this......which helps flush everything through liver and kidneys.
    Hopefully mad wolf or someone can give us BOTH more insight !!
    I see in your post you said 2 weeks.....
    My Dr. didnt specify how long for me except when I got script filled it has 30 days in it.
    What exactky is your Dx ???
    I really dont have one yet so am just Dr thinks early Lupus another says sleep apnea and fibro so.....??????????????????????????????????????????????

    They are making me crazy........

  3. pinkquartz

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    You have made a good point reminding me to drink lots of water. I usually do but somehow today i didn't. i think i get fed up with all the trips to the bathroom LOL

    i am taking hydrocortisone just for 2 weeks to see if it helps. i have severe CFS a d FM.

    I have felt my muscles feel a bit stronger already but i feel rather odd, weird pains and not happy.

    I will drink a lot of water now and maybe madwolf will turn up.

    I can't find a way to refer back to your message without losing this reply, so i can't remember if you said you were already taking your meds, if so is it helping ?

  4. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i just looked at your message and you started yesterday. so can you feel any changes yet?

    i felt something kick in to my muscles within 2 hours ! Only i don't like the strange sort of tiny electric shocks i am feeling today. Does this sound ok to you ?

  5. KathiM

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    Well to tell you the whole story.........I have had SeVERE muscle pain and joint pain since January.......I broke down and went to my Rheumatologist about a month ago......after most tests coming back negative for lupus etc BUT the Sed rate test was high at 72 so he knew inflammation was there. He decided to do a "trial" on me and about 3 weeks ago started me on a medrol dose pak that took a week to finish (it is a series of cortisone/prednisone pills that you take over a 7 day period) well by the 7 th day I felt like I could fly.....but on the 10-11-12 day which was last week all the symptoms and pain came he called me on Friday and decided to put me on a 10mg per day along with Plaquenil......(from what I understand they commonly use this combination for certain things)

    Yes drink lots of water!!!!!!! I am going to try and drink 125 oz per day.....(hopefully) and YES.........I do feel weird !!!!!!!!!
    It is an effect of the cortisone/prednisone.......
    I feel spacey and like heart is rushing and right now sorta a headache. You will get used to it.
    Cortisone/prednisone IS NOT good.....but sometimes it is needed for certain things......I know i do not want to stay on it long.

    My direct email is

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    right away. ou could have a kidney infection if its happened to a friend of mine. call him as soon as you can.
    kathy c