Question for Madwolf (others too) TSH - DR appt Monday

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    My last TSH was 11.64. I have an appointment Monday with an endocrinoligist. She is said to be good at treating thyroid conditions but not sure of her experience with FM. I was also recently (well, last November) dx with PCOS. I currently am taking Vicoprofen 3x a day, 2 tabs at a time (7.5/200mg each) and Topamax (75mg a night).

    QUESTION: Is Armour or Synthroid the better drug choice for hypothyroidism?

    Any advice before my appointment Monday is appreciated. Anything I should talk with her about? Tests I should request? Help?!

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    Thank you so much for the response ... and so quickly. I will try to explain this to my new dr.

    As always, you are wonderful for taking the time to explain things. Thank you.

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    Thanks so much for the reply and all the info. I must admit I have put off going to the endo to be treated for the PCOS since being dx last Nov. I had an Endometrial ablation done and was just sick of drs so put it off. I know my insulin resistance has gotten worse. I see the endo on Monday morning. Am sure she will get the ball rolling on all of this. I must admit I feel like garbage. Between the horrible pain and the fatigue I do not know how I am even functioning sometimes.
    Well, I will let you know what happens. Thanks again.

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    assuming PCOS= polycystic ovary syndrome, I also have had that diagnosis for many years. I am currently on continuous low dose oral contraceptives, which has made a great difference for me. Cycling with them helped the PCOS to resolve, but not the fibro problems. My NP convinced me to stop cycling, because the fibro flared EVERY time I cycled. It took several months of continuous hormones, but while I still cycle very mildly in terms of symptoms (haven't had a period in months! yay!), I feel more human more of the time, barring other factors, of course. For the record, I am 48 and still perimenopausal, as far as I can tell.

    Hope that is useful info for you!