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  1. pinkquartz

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    you posted a reply to me re adrenal and thyroid treatment and you said you were helped by this. i would like more details if that is okay with you. i've been taking armour thyroid for about 9 months and while i feel a little better in myself theres no physical change and now i've had my cortisol level checked and i am very low. so do think cortisol is helpful to take? if so how much and are there any downsides?
    many thanks
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    Bumping so Madwolf will see it.

    Love, Mikie
  3. pinkquartz

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    if my tired out brain, its 10.15pm here in england, understood your reply it sounds like taking cortisol could be just what i need to make some progress.and what you say it sounds safe enough for me to give it a try. i think you said it also would stop west ham from being relegated. that was my feeble attempt to translate packers and superbowl. hope feeble humour is ok ;-] i do like this message board. so many people doing their best with this DD
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    the information you gave makes perfect sense to me and i've been looking for a dr. who will agree with me--unfortunately i haven't found one yet. my question is, where did you get your information and can i get a copy. i would like to be able to show it to a dr. and at least get an argument out of them, if for nothing but my own pleasure. no, really, i would like to know where the information came from for my own benefit.