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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by snester, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. snester

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    just read your bio.$64K question: Have you given up your biking? I am (not was) an avid biker (Rail trails, singletrack, mountain) and I can barely ride on a stationary bike at this point in time. As soon as our local rail trail dries out I intend to be back out. I understand I need to build back up to my 20 mile ride, but am wondering if you have any hints.
    The last time I rode (singletrack) was the end of December...yeah I was sorer than usual right after finishing, but by that evening and for several days after, it was the baseball bat syndrome (as in beaten by). Haven't been outside on my bike since. Like I said I try to ride stationary downstairs, don't even lean forward to hold the bar.
    I have a good doctor...she has me on Neurontin 300mgs, PRN. I typically take it 3xdaily. Biking and neurontin took some practice.LOL.
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    my passion is riding my horse. Have a gaited tennessee walking horse. The difference in horses is like driving a VW beetle(Quarter horse) or a Mercedes. I will not give up my horseback riding, I think with this DD we must just adjust the way we do things but never give up. I used to be able to ride for 4 hrs. Now I plan 2 hr rides. Sold my Quarter horse and got a smooth gaited horse. NEVER GIVE INTO THIS FMS!!!!!!!
  3. snester

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Once a biker, always a biker. Now to adjust, adapt, and keep my goal of biking Ireland again in 2004.
  4. snester

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    Nice to read reassurance form others. I do not plan to give in an inch to this DD.
  5. snester

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    Sorry, ski terms are lost on me...what is a black diamond?
  6. IngyW68

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    Hi there,

    I'm a newbie to the board but I agree with everyone as far as not giving in! The hard part for me is that now that I had the cervical discectomy and they didn't put titanium plates in, I'm not allowed to ski, ride roller coasters, or do anything that could damage my neck. Now that's a bummer because I was a roller coaster junkie:) But, I can still rock climb and scuba dive and golf and bike and roller blade.

    So, you all will see my name around now. Take care and nice to "meet" everyone.

  7. snester

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    Nice bit of trivia...thanks for clearing that up for me. it made me think of one of my fave beers: Double Diamond, apres ski or apres bike. ;) Sue