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    Sorry to bother you man, as I know you are busy as heck like me! But I just wanted some advice in your professional opinion, as I always seek out more than one to make a decision.

    1) How can I withdrawl from a benzo rapidly, and safely. You know all the basic literature on it, substitute with a long-term one, tegretol, blah blah blah. Have you found anything that may be of assistance I am not aware of.
    Reason being is that it is no longer helping much with anxiety and sleep and is causing depression.

    2) Do you think a PPI, such as the Nexium 40mgs I am on will mitigate the Cox-2 effects of NSAIDS on the stomach. As Vioxx is OK. but I prefer Ibuprofen. My regular doctor of course says he knows no more than I on this. I think that's a bunch of bull. With my GI problems and Elevated PTT (which really is only very mildly elevated at 41) as you are aware, there are those safety concerns and I find Ibuprofen the only med that helps with pain well. I dont think my new GI will give me Narcs. And I certainly cant get them at work! Kinda in slippery situation. Ultram isn't killing my pain anymore and I am up to almost 400mgs a day! I think you know a great deal about pain meds and value your advice many times over that of my D.O. (who is nice, but mildly ignorant). I am hoping 400mgs of Ibu PO q 6h PRN is not going to be an additional factor on my clotting and GI 'issues'. your professional opion is so highly regarded by me.

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    for madwolf
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    Madwolf doesn't usually come to the board on weekends from what I hear so you might want to keep this on the front page until Monday. love Rebel
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    Thats what I needed to hear. I am on Ultrm and take tylenol--usless. Maybe Tylenol 4 would be a safe option for the time. I do need my NSAID. and will look into Bextra