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    Dear Marta,
    I have been reading some of your post and you seem very knowledgeable about filing disability claims. I filed my claim in May 08, and have just gotten a letter advising that I have to see the SS people's doctor for an evaluation. I fear that I have done many things wrong "prior" to filing my claim and wonder if you might have any advise for me.
    First of all I have FMS and RA. Due to not wanting to admit that I was disabled, I worked for many years with both of these illnesses by taking pain killers and pushing myself. (I was diagnosed in 1997 by a rheumatologist and referred to a pain control specailist. I am in my mid 50's) I'm afaid that I do not have real "current" medical records because my primary care physician moved away from my town approximatly 3 years after my diagnosis and there is no way to track him down. Even if there were, he probably doesn't have records on me anymore. I stopped going to the rheumatologist after a couple of years circa 1999) so the pain control specialist is the only one who has updated medical records on me. In any event, I have learned from reading some of the post on this board that SS has you see one of their doctors if they don't have sufficient medical records for you. I have been told to bring a pair of shorts, tee shirt, and the container(s) of my medcations. I have also been told by a SS advocate that this doctor does not do any blood work (to get a sed rate) and he does not do a tender point check in his examination. This hardly seems fair to determine if I have either one of these illnesses if he only has me squeeze his hand, and walk on tip toes and heels. All of the above is not helping my stress level when it seems as if I am doomed to get an approval because I don't have a paper trail documenting my illnesses. I realize that it is my own fault for not getting these things on record, but it hasn't been my goal to file for disability. I figured I would just work until I became old enough to file for retirement. As it turns out, I should have filed years ago because my illnesses have gotten so bad now that I cannot work even wih pain med's. I also never did any research about filing or I would have gotten all of these things. (Please overlook my rambling. It's just one of those days where it is hard to focus.)
    Do you have any advise for me? I am in dire straits financially and on the verge of losing everything I have. I cannot go the doctor now because I lost my insurance when I lost my last job which was July 08. It was the 3rd good job that I lost. It is my belief that I lost each and every one of them because I simply could not do them anymore. I even tried working from home with no success.
    Do you have any words of advise for me. I feel as if I will be turned down because I didn't see a doctor often enough and now I can't due to lack of funds.
    Thank you in advance for anything that you mght be able to help me with.

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