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    Hi MCD,

    I have a quick question for you regarding the elevated WBC and high inflammation markers. I see my doc on Tuesday and I saw him about 2 weeks ago because I was still suffering with sinus infections...I have been on 3 rounds of zithromax and in reality I still think there is something going on.

    So I was thinking that if I had chronic sinusitis, not acute, that could explain all of the test results. Do you have any suggestions to help me research this more? I have suffered from allergies, ear infections and sinusitis since my tonsils removed when I was around 21. What do you think?

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    I hope you are ok. Now I am worried about you. What type of siezure?

    Thanks for the response...I am staying home from work today because I am useless with this sinus headache. I hope I can switch my appointment to today. I will let you know and thanks again. BTW - He is planning on blood work again today/tomorrow. We shall see...

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    I am so glad to know your real name. Sorry to hear about your daughter and your epilespy (sp?) Why do we all have more then one condition to worry about? At times it really seems overwhelming.

    Well I couldn't get in to see the doc but I actually feel better after sleeping on and off all morning. Don't worry - I know you didn't mean anything being simple - no doubt in my mind this being the cause being the answer is the best of all reasons of the cause.

    Biacin (sp) was what he wanted to prescribed but I have had serious stomach issues with this drug. Any other ideas? I actually have had good luck with Cipro. I can't take Augmenten any more. I hate this....

    Take care, Nancy
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    Well Mary - very long and interesting doctor's appointment this afternoon. One of the things I really like about this doctor and his practice is that he has a superb staff of nurse practioners and he has a lab in his space. You have to wait for him but the NP's spend a lot of time with you and then they present you to him.

    We talked about my sinuses first and he agreed that chronic sinusitis could cause the elevated WBC and the inflammation and he referred me to an ENT for a possible CT of my sinuses or whatever the ENT thinks.

    The thing that I realized this afternoon is that I have felt rotten sinus/upper respiratory wise for a couple of weeks now, BUT I did not go in to any type of FMS flare up. It is the first time that I can remember that I was just sick in a very very long time. This was good news for sure. And I agreed whole heartedly that it was time to see an ENT.

    We moved on to just talking about the prendisone and the high SED rate and CRP. He said that I may just be hypereactive and my labs will never be normal. I have a hard time with this since prior to the last year or so my labs were fine - tesing for thyroid and CBC regularly so this was hard to swallow so to speak.

    So he is treating me for Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis and prescribed Humira. And he wants me to continue with the prednisone to see if the combination works to reduce the inflammation. I do think this is good though I am not thrilled about injecting myself - I am hoping the nurses at work will do it or help me do it. There are some questionable side effects but at this point I am ready to try anything I guess.

    Well my wise friend what do you think? He did more bloodwork including a zinc level because I have limited tasting abilities (like NOTHING tastes good but chocolate or spicy foods). I have managed to lose 10+ lbs since January so this is good, but it is not the way to do it...Weight Watchers is.

    Ok - I have rambled enough here - I need to call my sister back but I do not have the energy for her on a good day so she is just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

    Take care and any advice you can give me is a-ok!
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    Thank you so much for your thoughts and advice. I am sorry to hear about your daughter's seizure today. I came home to my apartment door being unlocked and ajar. I am very compulsive on my door - get up to check to make it is locked a lot of nights. So I freaked a bit and called the police...no one broke in but it was scary. They were very nice cops and I was just embarrassed about the mess my apartment was...like they cared. So sounds like a bad day all around...

    You have fed my insecurities with taking the Humira, but I have done a bit of research today and discovered a lot of info with the seronegative RA. I have made a committment to try it and I respect my doctor, so fingers crossed. While I understand and agree with you that he is guessing but he is basing it on his experience and wisdom.

    I am not sure who I am trying to convince here - you or me. Interesting that there was a post regarding FMS symptoms going into non-active state with acute infection, this is the first time it has happened to me...not that you were dismissing it. These DD's seem to have no rules in how each of us will present symptoms differently.

    I asked him if my chronic sinusitis could be the reason behind the elevated blood work and he admitted it could, but a lot of his patients have the sinus problems with the elevated markers. You are right that I am the only one to decide to take the Humira and I am confident that seeing what happens with the first month is a good idea. (Again who am I trying to convince.

    Thank you so much your time and wisdom these past few weeks. I will keep you posted. You and your daughter take care of yourselves too.

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    I am in an online support group for Weight Watchers. We ladies live across the country and range in age from our 20's to 80's. We chat like this board, actually on the same platform as this one...and we each bring our different personalities to life on our "porch" - the premise is rocking on a large porch/veranda. And why am I telling you this?

    Because your wisdom and advice reminds me of one my favorite porch ladies...she is an amazing wordsmith and alway seems to say just the right thing to comfort any of us and make us laugh. I see you answering all of our posts with patience and wisdom and I know you are a very essential part to this board...and I thank you...
    Ok - I am gushing - time to work!