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  1. JimB51

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    I usually don't notice (or CARE) what people are wearing. Especially men.

    (Probably 'cause I'm just your average guy -I think) anyway, When I saw the Pres on the news give a pathetic performance pitching the first ball at the all star game all I could think of was:

    "What is THAT"? No, not the pathetic pitch ... Those Pants!

    Those ilfitted, baggy, frumpy,sagging sorry looking blue jeans! ... What the heck?
    I see a nice White Sox jacket
    ( I'm a Sox fan from Chicago)
    ... and then those ... those ... "pants"

    Then I saw the "frumpy blue jeans" talked about and shown on cable shows and on the internet stories etc. So... I know it wasn't just me that thought "What in the world is he wearing"??! Later I saw him respond about it.

    Well, as a Sox fan, I have to say "Mr. President, you have desecrated the White Sox uniform,

    and secondly, The Big Question Is:

  2. Bruin63

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    That is so funny, and so true.

    As a loving wife who Irons her hubbys clothes, so he will always look neat, I would love to hear her answer.

    Maybe he snuck out, when she was busy, so she wouldn't make him change.

    I can only think he was probably very comfortable that day, lol, lol


    btw how are you doing Jim? I hope your room has plenty of air conditioning, it's been a schorcer here.

    I remember going to Wrigley Field, when I was back there in the windy city. I was very impressed, by how much the City and the lovely people that I meet, loved that Stadium, (sp is such a challange these days)

    hope your day's a good one, ;0) as good as we can get right?

    again thanks for the chuckle I needed it,

    hugs sharonk

  3. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    I'm surviving. (awful ) It's a day to day thing. Had a "better" few hours so I decided to take advantage of it and make a post . Light hearted silly post. They're the easiest.

    Have good air conditioning.

    Thanks, Jim

    Wow. Watching the news as I'm typing - White Sox just won a NO HITTER
  4. gapsych

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    She probably would say he is responsible for his own clothing, and what he (or his aides) chooses is no reflection of her, LOL!!

    Gotta love that woman!! :D


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  5. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    Just a joke. I know she's not at all responsible for his taste(or lack of) in clothes. LOL

    I can just imagine her saying (with a shocked look)
    " you're not REALLY wearing that tonight are you"?
    .. and giving him that "oh Brother!" look in her eyes as she walks out the door

    ... and him left standing there saying "What? ...What? LOL
  6. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    just in case you reread your thread, please note, that I got the joke.

    It had nothing to do with what a good President he is, or what his wife is like, it was just a really funny observation.

    Glad your "Teams doing good btw.

    oh and I happen to Like our New Leader, and if he can get our Health care on a good Track, I'll like him/them, even more, ;0]

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  7. Mikie

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    Who wear jeans well and men who should never even try. Of course, like with anything, a lot depends on the jeans themselves.

    I gotta say that sometimes I think Michelle looks stunning and sometimes, I wonder what in the hell was she thinking. Oh well, we can't all be fashion divas like moi.

    Jim, good to see you posting. I just got a couple of lines from Shirl. The new puter is up and running but she is having a hard time getting used to it. I think it's a laptop and they can drive a person crazy until they are adjusted and used a while.

    Love, Mikie
  8. jole

    jole Member

    I'd be "rolling" that ball out there wearing my pj'

    My hubby looks much better in jeans than the prez, I gotta say....but on the other hand, he looks a lot more uncomfortable in a suit, so I think we can make a little joke if we want.... 'cause if it were up to my hubby and he still had it, he'd probably be in a business meeting wearing a suit from the '60's and saying, "What, it's a suit, isn't it?"

    I too thought this was funny! Thanks, Jim ......And Mikie, it's good to hear Shirl's okay***Jole***
  9. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I was also trying to make a joke and took your post that way.

    Thanks for a smile!!

  10. JimB51

    JimB51 Member

    Enjoyed your comments...(and your humor). I always look forward to hearing from you.
    (not much else I CAN do). Jim : )

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