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    I have read a lot here about us being in a state of constant seizures. In another post you said that you take Klonopin. Is that an anti-seizure med?
    I take 600mg of tegretal at bedtime as a mood stabilizer and to help me sleep. Would you think that taking an antiseizure med would correct the problem?
    Also, where is Madwolf? I would like your thoughts also.

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    I am not familiar with the Tegretal, but it is an anticonvulsant. Your doc or your pharmacist should be able to tell you more about whether it would be wise to use it with another antiseizure drug.

    Our library contains a very good article on Klonopin by Dr. Paul Cheney. The article does a good job of explaining how these seizure states affect our anxiety level, produce sensory overload, cause RLS, and keep us from sleeping. It's the best explanation I've ever seen on the subject.

    Most docs tell their patients that the anticonvulsant meds are for mood or anxiety or pain because they are afraid to use the word, seizure, for fear the patient will think he or she has serious seizure disorder which is not the case with most of us. However, according to Cheney, brain damage can ensue if this constant seizure state is allowed to continue.

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