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    Hi....its little ole me! I just read where you stated you have improved greatly over the years and hope to return to work soon.If you don't mind.....What do you feel has helped you regain your health back,even to the degree that you say?I'm sure its not one thing,but many.So what few things would'nt you give up now b/c you wholeheartedly believe have helped you get this far?
    One thing I'm determined to try is Magnesium&malic acid.So many have had good luck adding that supplement.(I just hope I don't get an upset belly~)Thanks so much for your time.
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    It's been a long road back as I was really sick a couple of years ago. I ignored my health, was in denial, and worked myself until one day, I just couldn't get up and keep going any more. I was bedridden a good deal of the time. I had been getting sicker since a mycoplasma infection 12 years ago. It is because of the chronic mycoplasma infection that I believe my Doxycycline has helped me so much. Without it, my IBS, chronic sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and migraine-type headaches return. We don't know how long it will take to kill of enough mycoplasmas so that my immune system can finish them off. I've been on the Doxy about a year. Many, many of us have chronic mycoplasma infections (60-70%) so I feel this is important info for us. I believe my CFIDS symptoms are due to the mycoplasmas.

    On the FMS side, it is the Guaifenesin treatment, hands down, which has made the biggest impact. I needed Morphine for the FMS pain two years ago. Today, I hardly take anything for pain and when I do, it's usually OTC. I still take Morphine every once in a blue moon. Without the Morphine in the beginning, I would never have been able to stand the pain while I waited for the Guai to kick in, as it's a slow treatment.

    Physical therpay which taught me flexing and stretching have kept my muscles strong and toned even when I was bedridden. I continue these exercises and I believe they help with pain as well. I also do Yoga and Tai Chi.

    I take Klonopin, and I believe without the quality sleep it produces, I would still be bedridden. It also helps with sensory overload, anxiety, and tinnitus. For those with RLS, it is a God send. A new study is looking into whether Klonopin has pain killing properties in addition to being an antiseizure medication.

    Finally, I believed deep in my heart that I would heal. I try to avoid stress and keep a positive outlook. I don't ever worry whether my family, friends, or anyone else believes in FMS or CFS; it's a waste of time. I have taken control over my own treatments with my doc's help. I now see a therapist who uses hypnotherapy to help me relearn how to be a well person again. I've focused on my illnesses for so long that now, I need to learn to focus on being well. Sounds strange, but it's true.

    Well, Tracey, that's about the extent of my major treatments. I do a lot of little things, like Shirl's Epsom salt soaks with peroxide, use my zapper regularly, read and do crossword puzzles to try to keep my mind active, do Dr. Cheney's breathing exercises, and take whey and colostrum to try to rebuild my immune system.

    I am trying to learn to pace myself, but when I'm feeling well, I always overdo it and have to rest up a day or two.

    I hope this helps, but unfortunately, we each have to tailor our own treatment regimens. There's no one path to wellness, but I would bet at least one of these things I do could be of help to each person who reads this.

    Love, Mikie
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    I hope you get a chance to see this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, sorry... I had some major dental work done early this am.I'm getting there!lol Thank you for the lengthy
    reply!I am happy to see people getting a handle on their disease.Its tough but I'm gonna make that my New years resolution.......To try to gain strength with the good for us approach,Supplements(gonna try mag&malic acid for one).And I'm determined to add some sort of mild exersize,either walking daily or yoga.I feel like I've been spiraling downward for too long~I NEED to do this!
    So thanks for your guidance,you've helped me out whenever
    I've asked and I do appreciate that~(thanks for keeping it bumped!)
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    So sorry you have had to have dental work done.

    I'm also sorry this was so lengthy, but the road back isn't easy nor short, so I decided to try to include as much as I can. Obviously, I didn't start all this at once. I have gone through a lot of trial and error to arrive at what seems to help me.

    Good luck with your exercise. If you don't overdo it, it will help with energy and pain. You might want to ask your doc for some physical therapy. PT is great.

    Love, Mikie