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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LdyM, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Hi Mikie, I need your opinion.

    Having just completed a three month regime of Kutapressin(antiviral), Heparin and Colostrum, I am now ordering the Immune Transfer C. I understand that you advise against using the Transfer Factors while on Antivirals.

    My question is: Do you advise continuing to use my ZAPPER, while on Transfer Factors? I zapp several times a week to kill mycoplasma and candida.

    Thank you Mikie, **LdyM
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    Hi Mikie:

    I have cfs and mycoplasma. I have read all your posts and I thank you.

    I babysit my grandson every two weeks and I am afraid I will pass it on to him. Have you ever heard of anything like that.

    Thanks Maps
  3. Mikie

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    LdyM and Ellie, we have had several who have posted that the TF's have not caused an immune reaction nor Herxing when they were taking them with AV's. It would make sense to me that the AV's might kill the transfer info from the live viruses if one were taking AV's. I suggest people raise the question with their docs. Most people have severe immune responses when the transfer info wakes up their immune systems. If there is no response to a TF which targets pathogens, something doesn't seem right. To me, it seems obvious that it could be the AV's.

    I did not use the zapper when taking the TF's except when I thought I was coming down with something like a cold. I'm not sure that a zapper would kill the transfer info but I didn't want to take a chance. I think taking the Heparin and the TF's at the same time is too much for one's system to deal with. The immune response and Herxing from both these can be very severe. If too many pathogens are killed off at once, a toxic-shock-like reaction can occur and it can be dangerous. It is rare, but it does happen. Tansy experienced this and could give you more details. I took the TF's for three months and now only pulse them for a couple of days every six weeks. Each time I pulse them, I have an immune reaction and I Herx.

    Maps, thanks for your kind words. I'm glad if anything I've posted has been helpful. I strongly believe that when the mycoplasma infection is active and one has pneumonia or feels like one has the flu, it can be passed like a common cold or flu bug. I was never intimate with anyone at the time I got sick and believe I got it from a soldier out in the holiday shopping crowds, probably from touching something which the inflicted person touched. I've read that the mycoplasmas can live about two hours outside the body. Once the infection is no longer active and has gone stealth in the body, it seems it takes intimate contact to pass it to another. None of this is written in concrete but this is what researchers are saying.

    It's a good idea not to share food or eating utinsils or things like straws with anyone. Washing hands often after blowing one's nose or using the bathroom is essential. I follow these practices religiously. I do not believe there are enough mycoplasmas left in my body to afflict anyone else, but I don't take chances. I kiss my little grandson on the cheeks but I don't let him eat from my fork or spoon. I always carry baby wipes in my purse so I can clean my hands off anytime I'm out. Menus and S&P shakers are probably crawling with germs and I wipe my hands after touching them. Because FMS, CFIDS, and other immune illnesses run in our family, we are very aware of what to look for in Andy. I'm hoping that because he is a boy, he has a better chance of avoiding getting sick. Everyone who has been sick in our family has been female.

    Mycoplasmas are usually harmless, especially for healthy people. It may be that the Gulf War Vets were given vaccines contaminated with mycoplasmas which were developed for germ warfare. Several scientists say that the strain which made them so sick was biologically engineered. Also, the soldiers were given too many vaccines too close together and it likely raised havoc with their immune systems. Most healthy people recover from infections but we likely are genetically predisposed to our illnesses and an infection can trigger our illnesses full blown. That is what happened to me.

    I think a combination of ABX and/or AV's, depending on the type of infection, Heparin, and finally, TF's are the best route toward getting rid of these pathogens which keep us sick. I think if one can kill a whole lot of the pathogens first, the Heparin and then the TF's seem to work the best. Zappers can also kill pathogens in the bloodstream and are very effective. I mostly use mine now when I have symptoms or feel fluish. They will even cause Herxing if they kill off a lot of pathogens at once. This might be an alternative to anyone who is allergic to meds. Some herbs seem to be very effective and colloidal silver is good too. Colloidal silver is really good at helping keep yeast under control. It is used in swimming pools to kill fungi.

    Probiotics are a must with ABX and, I believe, should be taken by all of us to improve the health of our guts. The colostrum and undenatured whey are excellent at helping rebuild the immune system. I think this is as important as getting rid of the pathogens.

    Sorry to write "War & Peace" here but it's almost impossible for me to talk about one of these things without getting into the others. I see this struggle like a war. My body has been invaded by various weapons. I have to fight with various weapons of my own in order to win back my health. These treatments work synergystically and the end result is greater than the sum of the treatments. As we get healthier, our bodies begin to take over some of the work themselves. That is what has happened with me. It really takes time and persistence but it pays off. Until there is a cure or better treatments available, I think this is the best we can do.

    Love, Mikie
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    So that's a no! I appreciate the response.

    I respect your opinion and have been reading your posts for over a year now!

    Love, **LdyM
  5. Mikie

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    Do you really think I'm capable of just saying, "Yes," or, "No?" :)

    Bumping this for Elliespad and Maps too.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

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