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    Hey Mikie,

    Did you ever go see that doctor in Ft. Meyers regarding the peptides? I am curious if you started and what you found out. I have searched all of the internet, there are no clinical studies or any information what so ever.

    I found a doctor closer to me, however their practice is not run very well to say the least. Also, they want $400 per shot.

    They encouraged the live blood analysis, and then I found out it can take 2 to 6 months to get the results back. That they are charging $300 for.

    I left a message for Dr. Dakos and want to talk to him. THe doctor near me will not realease any statistics or data they have on the treatments which I find very strange. Any info or feedback is greatly appreciated and your opinion of Dr. Dakos. Thanks very much.
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    I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time finding out about the treatment. I do not actually see Dr. Dakos; I see his partner, Dr. Gomeringer because I can have him as my PCP under my insurance. Dr. Dakos is older and the first to get into this treatment. He kinda drafted Dr. Gomeringer into it.

    What they say is that it is common in Europe and has been used successfully for 35 years. The overall success rate for our kinds of illness is greater than 90 percent. I did find some info on studies for Type I Diabetes, Asthma and RA. These seem to be ongoing.

    My impression is that these docs really don't want the FDA involved in this in the US. It could interfer with the treatment. Also, if any pharma gets a patent on any of these peptide sequences, the cost would skyrocket and insurance would likely not cover it.

    So far, there have been almost no side effects from these so the risk is minimal. I'm going to get moving on the treatment next month before the FDA gets involved and the govt. shuts down the Medicare Advantage plans. I'll post about it when I get an injection. The first two are given two weeks apart and then every month. If, after three injections, there is no sign of improvement, the treatment is stopped.

    Love, Mikie

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