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    I think you mentioned something about Flexeril putting weight on. Is Norflex in the same family? It seems no matter what I do I can't lose weight. I take Norflex every night. Thanks!

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    "Worst Pills Best Pills" says that Flexeril is in the same family as triciclic antidepressants and that Norflex is similar to a family of antihistamines and can cause some of the same adverse effects and dangerous drug interactions as antihistamines. Both, however, are listed as muscle relaxants. Some side effects are blurred vision, dry mouth, mild excitement, temporary dizziness and lightheadedness. Physical dependence can become a problem.

    This book does not recommend either medication for pain of local muscle spasms. If used for sedatives, they are not worth the potential side effects.

    For me, Flexeril and Elavil both produced drowsyness but did not produce quality sleep. Both left me with a drug hangover in the morning. Benadryl did a better job than either of these meds. I now take Klonopin and instead of just masking the problem with drowsyness, I believe it allows my brain to quiet itself so that I can get restful sleep.

    The ZMA sold here works very well and is a vitamin supplement. It works well alone or with most medications. It's certainly worth a try. There are the rare people who get energized from ZMA. If you start out slowly with only one capsule and work up to two for women, three for men, it is less likely to have adverse affects.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you for your reply! I don't believe I'm taking Norflex to help me sleep - I take Trazadone for that. Does Norflex make you put on weight? I think I won't take it tonight and see what happens. If I don't have to take another pill, why should I? Please let me know if it puts weight on people. Thanks!