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    Nanie, is there a specific blood test to detect any of the infections associated with Lyme?

    I'm talking about individual blood tests, not the test to detect Lyme, which is so hard to diagnose.

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    There are tests for Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mt Spotted Fever, etc.

    Some are available through Igenex, and Fry Lab in NJ which I think are considered the 2 best labs for these things.

    There is more than one kind of test.

    Are you on's Medical Questions board? I know there are old posts there you could search for regarding labs for coinfection testing...or you could ask a new question.

    I had the Babesia FISH test through Igenex which was negative. It is important to remember that with these coinfections, just as with lyme, a negative result does not rule it out.

    It is believed that Babesia has at least 13 species, possibly as many as 24, and there are only tests for 2 species available....possibly missing many cases.

    I also had the Bartonella henselae antibody IgG and IgM, Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis Panel (HGE panel), Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis Panel (HME panel), Babesia Microti antibody IgG and IgM done through Igenex.

    All of the above Igenex coinfection tests were called the "Complete Co-infection Panel" test #5090....this may vary with the area of the country that you live in.

    I also had the Babesia microti IgG and IgM, Anaplasma Phagocytophilum IgG and IgM, Ehrlichia Chaffeenis IgG and IgM, Q fever IgM phase 1 screen, Q fever IgM phase 2 screen, Q fever IgG phase 1 screen, Q fever IgG phase 2 screen, Rocky Mt Spotted Fever IgG and IgM and RMSF titer all from Quest.

    I have also heard of some other tests discussed on

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