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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SGR, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. SGR

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    Hi, I've spent all summer without the pain levels I typically have, very little pain if at all. Then yesterday felt pain back in feet and hands, knees, hips. I have to say I haven't missed it. My sister also commented that she was having pain the last few days. Any of the rest of you noticing increased pain? We're wondering if this is an environmental thing, like barometric pressure or something.

    Thank you!
  2. busybusymom

    busybusymom New Member

    Well, I'm not an Oregonian, but live in California. When my body hurts, the barometer is doing its thing. My body literally can predict a weather change. It is very common for our bodies to be very sensitive to the barometric changes.

    Is it humid or going to rain?

  3. goldengoddess

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    My mom and I both! Her FM and arthritis as well. There is a constant pressure change here in the Northwest, it keeps the air very clean, but it does a number on migraines and fm, allergies and other ailments.

    Go totally Pagan for a while, get the hang of the moon phases, the weather and the seasons. I've heard England is very much like here, and the Celts and Druids were very in touch with the earth and weather.

    I find that paying attention to the moon and the weather, I am ready to feel "bad" and I don't let it impact me.

    -Knowledge is Power!
  4. ilovepink4

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    I am in Minnesota. Land of ever changing temps and climates. I definately suffer when the barametric pressure fluctuates.

    My hubby and I are thinking of moving to grant's pass or medford, OR...any advice or information to share? i have been watching the weather there daily all summer....that place is hot and dry...i like that so far! what is winter like? are there mosquitoes alot?

    thanks! Pink
  5. theycallmeLois

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    I live in portland and we had that huge 30 deg drop in one day that totally messed me up. I am noticing more and more pain. But then again I've noticed this since i've had FM. whenever the weather changes i start hurting more
  6. SGR

    SGR New Member

    Thank you, everyone for responding. Boy, nothing like having no control over it! Medford is dry, I lived there for a few months, but did not have autoimmunity issues then, so can't say whether that would be the place to be. I know that Missizzy lives in Ashland and is quite ill, I think maybe Waynesrythm lives down there too, so you might address your question to them. I don't see any rain in the forecast around here, but it has been getting much cooler at night. I've also wondered if mold/mildew becomes an issue in the fall because of flora decay, but really the leaves all still look like it's summer. There is a harvest moon scheduled for next Monday.....I'll check with the Druids to see what else that means :). I wonder if we can predict earthquakes too?

    Thank you!
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  7. theycallmeLois

    theycallmeLois New Member

    Sometimes I feel like I can predict the weather better than the weathermen. that would be perfect if we could predict earthquakes too!

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